15 Best Bakery Design Ideas in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Can you smell that? Yes, it’s the delicious, yeasty scent of freshly baked bread! If you’re a fan of Animal Crossing and of baked goods, then you’ll love this game hack that lets you play as a baker. And we’re not talking about a few pre-made sweet shops; your imagination is the limit when it comes to designing your bakery shop and its menu. So get ready to create that bakery empire you always wanted!

1/15. ACNH Bakery Cozy

ACNH Bakery Cozy
Image Source by harley-quinn-94

This bakery, designed by Reddit user u/harley-quinn-94, is a perfect example of how to capture the essence of your brand using only color and your imagination. This quaint little shop is just one inch away from being a fully functional bakery, which may be why it has caught the attention of so many enthusiasts.

2/15. ACNH Bakery of Kiki Delivery Service

ACNH Bakery of Kiki Delivery Service
Image Source by Ame_Seiei

reddit user Ame_Seiei was working to make a new bakery for Animal Crossing when she realized that the cute pixel art of Kiki from ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’ and her own pixel art were so close in design, they really could be the same person. The result became this lovely & charming bakery, with Kiki’s adorable presence greeting customers as they walk through the door.

3/15. ACNH Nook Bakery

ACNH Nook Bakery
Image Source by @miss_acnh

Despite the name, Breadline actually sells pretty much everything but bread. There’s a range of doughnuts and cakes on display in front, baskets of breads and delights back of the counter, and clothing and stationery along the right hand wall. Everything is very nicely put together, with matching colours and a cohesive centrepiece theme. We could easily imagine ourselves blowing our budget in this area…

4/15. ACNH Pastel Bakery

ACNH Pastel Bakery
Image Source by Sam(@pierce0406)

Come to this bakery, called Pastel Cake, and get a confection of your choice. Their pastel-colored treats are amazingly tasty, and the stone and wood decor provide a warm atmosphere that’s perfect to unwind with friends after a long day at work.

5/15. ACNH Microbakery

ACNH Microbakery
Image Source by @melt_mori

Twitter user @melt_mori built this adorable microbakery smack-dab in the middle of her neighborhood. It’s like a tiny piece of heaven right between two houses! And the best part? Everyone is welcome here! Small businesses can thrive in the acnh neighborhood around their home, and there’s plenty of space for this microbakery to grow.

6/15. ACNH Bakery Autumn

ACNH Bakery Autumn
Image Source by @Artemis8929

This sleek photo of a patisserie’s display went viral on Reddit, because everyone wants in on the seasonal treats its depicting. Piles of pumpkins and cakes are arranged around ovens and teddy bears. The brick ovens really tie everything together. We love the addition of teddy bears, giving the impression that they are partaking in the sweets and snacks!

7/15. ACNH Wedding Cakery

ACNH Wedding Cakery
Image Source by TorturousKitty

There’s nothing more romantic than sitting across the table from someone you love, and shoveling cake into your mouths. This super quaint bakery gives off perfect wedding cake tasting vibes — but that’s not all they do! Check out these Instagram-worthy desserts.
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8/15. ACNH Outdoor Cafe and Bakery

ACNH Outdoor Cafe and Bakery
Image Source by cathleened

Cakes, sweets and cookies are good but nothing says relaxation quite like the sound of rushing water. This cute cubby corner bakery is an ideal study spot for students, for it is in close reach cake and coffee… as well as the calming sounds of a waterfall!

9/15. ACNH Bakery of Grocery

ACNH Bakery of Grocery
Image Source by @acnh.josie

This Instagram post shows that Acnh.josie knows their audience. Ready-to-go cakes, and cute pastries like pink bonsais? People of Instagram are going to eat it up. Meanwhile, the espresso machine on the left makes you want to visit right now, and the scale on the right makes you want to pick one up as a gift for your favorite coffee lover. Clever Acnh.josie!

10/15. ACNH Bake Stand Roadside

ACNH Bake Stand Roadside
Image Source by Renaiconna

Starting with small but mighty, this crafty Redditor used custom-designed chef’s hats for baked goods and also a bread shelf behind the display. In addition to the sweet pieces in this display, the adorable character designs make it a real crowd-pleaser.

11/15. ACNH Hipster Bakery

ACNH Hipster Bakery
Image Source by @6NECT

This warm and inviting bakery by Twitter’s user @6NECT is one of the best builds I’ve seen in a long time. Its winter-overlooked exterior gives way to a warm inside that balances cool and cozy, complete with a tree, candlelight, and even a comfy chair.

12/15. ACNH Roadside Coraline Stand

ACNH Roadside Coraline Stand
Image Source by alexiagrace

These adorable cupcakes are the perfect no-brainer gift for your friends. Whip up a batch and watch their eyes widen with delight as they bite into one of these delicious treats. These cupcakes even have a cute little surprise inside!

13/15. ACNH Sweet Bakery

ACNH Sweet Bakery
Image Source by @MiimiiMori

What’s better than cute cakes? Cute, dressed up cakes! This fun and simple DIY from Tumblr user @MiimiiMori is a lovely baker’s treat. A few store-bought cake pans make for easy baking (and decorating). And when it comes to presentation, this DIY starts off simply with some boxes. Easy to dress up yourself or add bits to, making it an adorable addition to any home.

14/15. ACNH Doughnut Bake Stand

ACNH Doughnut Bake Stand
Image Source by qr-closet

All of us love doughnuts, but there’s a huge selection out there. Some are healthier than others, some are easier to make than others, and some are cuter than others. Need another reason? They’re delicious and fun to eat!

15/15. ACNH Bakery of Honeydukes Sweets

ACNH Bakery of Honeydukes Sweets
Image Source by chellirey

Sweets are an integral part of my life. I eat them. I make them. I read about them on Reddit, and dream of making them myself. So when I spied this charming little sweets shop on Reddit, the Harry Potter-related sweets shop Honeydukes, I immediately wanted to visit it in real life! Created by u/chellirey, it’s just a brilliant idea — there’s so many delicious looking treats in here!

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