20 Best ACNH Autumn & Fall Island Ideas

Autumn is a beautiful season in the Animal Crossing world, when the trees are changing colour and fall brings us two amazing holidays — Turkey Day and ACNH Halloween. You may also find yourself with more acorns than you know what to do with, but fear not! There are plenty of things to make using those shiny little beauties.

1/20. Outdoor Art Studio

This post is all about easy ways to create an art studio space that you can work in and enjoy. Creating an art studio can be hard, but with my top tips, you’ll soon be creating masterpieces like Picasso and Warhol (don’t forget those sun glasses). Here are my top 5 tips for creating an art studio: 1.

2/20. Turkey Day Set Up

Turkey’s come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you’re finished with Thanksgiving celebrations! Put together your very own Thanksgiving dinner table using some of the iconic items featured in the game — turkeys, pumpkins, cranberries, corn cobs and more. It’ll be a feast to remember — and set the scene for a peaceful and enriching holiday.

3/20. Autumn Scenery Idea

You’re a suburban lot owner with a desire to add some flair and character to your neighborhood. Already you’ve gone down the traditional route of constructing a simple shack (one bedroom, one bathroom), but you want more. You need more acnh neighborhood ideas. So you try to escape the monotony of your humdrum existence by planting those first few mushrooms on your dirt path… only to watch them wither under the crushing weight of reality .

4/20. Mushroom Farm

You know that Instagram photo you took of your feet in the grass that one day? Yeah, this is basically the same thing, but with fruit trees. The orchard grass rug offers a truly unique and creative method to bring some whimsy into your otherwise ordinary life. The decorative garden piece will make you smile every time you look at it. Oh, and it features an actual, real-life orchard!

5/20. Fall Orchard

Spooky’s Pumpkin Patch: If you’re sick of waiting until Fall to get your Pumpkin Patch fix, I’ve got you covered! Your very own pumpkin patch can be up and running in no time! Start off by fencing your property with a combination of the following fences—straw fencing, barbed wire fencing, and hedges. Decorate using a selection of new pumpkin-themed decorations that are seasonally appropriate and ready for plucking.

6/20. Pumpkin Patch

Need to create a sense of wonder in your home? Step outside into the crisp Autumn air and enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of nature. With our specially prepared pumpkin patch home idea, you can recreate your very own sense of clean country living without ever leaving the city!

7/20. Pumpkin Carving Table

This autumnal table is perfect for your dinnertime enjoyment, and is sure to wow your friends and family with its tasteful design and attention to detail. This is a great way to get started! First, you’re going to want to customize your Table. You’ll need a cutting board and knife block set for this, but it’s not too difficult: simply use the customization tool in the crafting menu.

8/20. Glowy Autumn Campsite

Here’s an idea if you want to bring a bit of the outdoors in. Just a couple of steps from your campsite is your very own garden, filled with trees and flowers. It’s super cozy, so you’ll definitely want to spend your time here when it’s raining or chilly outside.

9/20. Cozy Fall Cabin

Like the bedroom above? You’ll need to DIY those pieces, and you can find those tutorials here . To complete this design, you need the log bed and log bench DIY, as well as the DIY for the rocking chair. You’ll also need the rattan bedside table and lamp in brown to achieve your cozy cabin.

10/20. Picnic Area

The cold weather has hit, and what better way to enjoy it than with a nice fall afternoon picnic area by the river? And if you miss fall (like I do), Nintendo has got you covered with Animal Crossing: New Leaf. To help you appreciate the season, I’ve created this cute interior scene to remind you of that beautiful crisp breeze and the perfect blanket weather.

11/20. Farmer’s Market

It’s autumn in the neighborhood, and a warm fire is burning. A woman wraps her hands around herself and places her other hand on her forehead, to block the sun. She looks over to the left at a lovely field decorated with flowers and bushes, basking in the golden light of twilight. The grass is cold beneath her feet as she approaches the farmers market. Inside, vendors sell local produce and artisan goods.

12/20. Corn Maze

Make your own maze and watch for the villagers to find their way out — it all starts with a simple design on paper! Then, use a straw fence to create an effective maze; all you need is a pattern and a little paint. It’s easy, fun, and gives you an excuse to spend time outdoors.

13/20. Apple Cider Brewery

Here’s a little tip for you: apples are great to grow! Just place them in the ground, and they’ll be good to go. Providing you have enough space (a small, fenced in area is best), then you’ll soon have a variety of apple trees around which people can relax.

14/20. Whimsical Autumn Forest

When I was a little girl, I loved reading the fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood. I was so drawn to the strength of the character and how with each challenge, she rose to the occasion. Now, like the story itself, Little Red Riding Hood has grown up. The character is a unique blend of irony and charm, but with a flare for fashion.

15/20. Fallen Leaves

Fall is the time of year when trees shed their leaves, releasing a flurry of colors across the sky. With these lovely custom leaf patterns and pinecones, you can easily create an enchanted atmosphere that will inspire nature lovers. While adding these to your island’s base will add a great seasonal touch!

16/20. Autumn Pathway

The Leafy Pathway is a fantastic way to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside. Easy-to-make and simple to apply, you can use this design almost anywhere. Hang it in your villager’s home, or create an autumnal hiking trail for your guests to enjoy! You can find this design by inputting code 8186-0000-0199 into the custom designs section of the Miiverse Sketch and Write tool.

17/20. The Witch Hut

For all the young witches out there, and the old witches too, with a cauldron and some brews to pull! Even experts can use some help with their potions, so fill your shelves with ingredients and brews. And if you have a cat or two, be sure to throw them in — you never know what this will bring!

18/20. Easy Autumn Yard

In this wonderful yard, you can find yourself outside on a perfectly sunny day. The weather is perfect as you have a few extra minutes to sit and relax on a nice little bench nearby. You’ll also see a few large trees around your yard, which will look great when they start changing colors in the fall.

19/20. Fall Garden

This layout also includes a greenhouse for your plants. And separating the garden from the greenhouse by creating your own unique walkways is a terrific method to do so. Simply add some dirt walkways, a wheelbarrow, and a scarecrow to complete the scene. You’re now ready to go outdoors and plant those vegetables.

20/20. Hiking Trail

And there’s nothing quite like taking a deep breath of fresh air in your virtual paradise. Include some trees in various phases of development, as well as flowerers and shrubs. Then, to help divide this section from the rest of your ACNH island, put up some fence. Alternatively, keep the fence minimal to give it a more natural aspect.

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