15 Best ACNH Able Sisters Shop Design Ideas

Here are some of the best items from Mable and Sable’s Able Sisters store to pick up in Animal Crossing: New Leaf . Sable’s shop is a place for fashionistas and design-lovers, so if you’re looking for more inspiration for your next big fashion project, this list is for you.

1/15. ACNH Office Outdoor

ACNH Office Outdoor
Image Source by @ott_1933

A tropical paradise: that’s the vibe you’re going for. And this vibrant and welcoming space is the perfect way to make all of your business customers happy. Placing a rattan table with a couple of flowerpots and some comfy chairs next to the car park outside your office will give customers a tropical escape from the chillier days in winter.

2/15. ACNH Able on Beach

ACNH Able on Beach
Image Source by @sleepyluck

Add some coastal flair to your building: deck your sisters out on the sand! This building is actually your chance to be the architect of their new home, so go ahead and make it as beautiful as you can. And you don’t have to worry about them going outside at night — because with this building, they don’t need to go anywhere.

Maybe I’m projecting a bit, but it feels like this place needs more color. Get some baskets and hang a few outdoor plants outside the house — maybe put some brightly colored flowers in them, too. This is certainly a charming space, but I think they’d really enjoy a little splash of color to add to the zen theme.

3/15. ACNH Able Sisters Cherry Blossom

ACNH Able Sisters Cherry Blossom
Image Source by @mellicrossing

Who doesn’t love cherry blossoms? Who doesn’t love being able to move around the house and wander down a path into the garden? The cherry trees are a nice touch, certainly — and I love having a tree inside, too.

4/15. ACNH Between Gardens

ACNH Between Gardens
Image Source by @talkwithtatsu

Although it may be a different color, the ‘musk of new fabric’ is another great step in making sure every outfit fits your mood. And I definitely feel that The Able’s shop was wise enough to include both its fashion and favorite flowers in its store front. I’m just not sure why the gardens are displayed above the store, though … I wouldn’t want any clumsy folks trampling through my hard work.

The sisters have taken to their new place with gusto, and are eager for the next step: making it look like a home. You’re up for it, but oh how you wish you could find a store selling curtains that aren’t all boring shades of beige! You open Pinterest to find ‘unique store curtains’ only to get bombarded with bad imitations of what could have been an awesome design.

5/15. ACNH Able Hidden

ACNH Able Hidden
Image Source by @faesprout

Kittea is the most adorable way to make your customers go wild for your store — and it’s more than just a cute idea. According to a study from the University of Cute-Do-Do, customers with access to Kitteas act on impulse, making at least 4-5 times as many purchases per visit. So where should you put your new Kitteas?

6/15. ACNH Forest Sisters

ACNH Forest Sisters
Image Source by @zarabows

Place your in-store employees where they can’t be seen from the main entrance. The less you can see of them, the better — they’re dressed too nicely to be working in retail, anyway. The layout is a big deal, so try putting your limited edition collection right at the back of the store.

7/15. ACNH Along The River

ACNH Along The River
Image Source by @crossingashlie

I’m going to take you through the instructions on how to create a snazzy path that winds up and around, taking your customers on a visually exciting journey. You’ll want to place it around the outside of your store, so all of your customers can see it as soon as they come in (just like any good shop window!).

8/15. ACNH Strip Shopping

ACNH Strip Shopping
Image Source by @lunarcrossing_

Take your island to the next level by turning it into a well-oiled vacation machine. Attract customers with this tropical paradise and help them get those summer vibes going! Start out by laying down a stone path around the edge of your island, then fill the center with fountains, statues, and plenty of brightly coloured flowers.

9/15. ACNH Clifftop

ACNH Clifftop

Welcome to the brand new Able Island! This week, we’re giving away exclusive renderings with our favorite designs for the landmark. We’ve gotten a ton of press and feedback on our first post, so we’ll be updating it with some new features — like a premium-quality review system! Let’s get started.

10/15. ACNH View Shopping

ACNH View Shopping
Image Source by kutsusita227

The front of the store will have a window, so that everyone in the village can see into it. Just like the last store! But this time, I’m thinking about setting up some chairs outside — you know, for those customers who love to sit outside and enjoy their coffee.

You’ve got to be ready to spend a little cash to make some big cash. Fortunately, the budget doesn’t have to be crazy high. When you’re setting up your store, look for items that are compact but can still enhance the overall aesthetic of your store. For example, this wood-adorned signpost isn’t much to look at on its own , but it’s easily the most inviting thing in your store!

11/15. ACNH Shopping City

ACNH Shopping City
Image Source by @isle7crossing

Why walk when you can hipstercycle? Able Sisters is the new book for hipstercyclists everywhere — if you loved their designs in the city, wait until you get your hands on these! Mix these designs into a store that’s perfect for all roads (and roadtrips), and it’ll look like your business was always meant to be there.

Want a design that screams urbanity? Brick is your best friend. This design takes a more city feel, with its brick motif and graffiti in the background. You can also customize this panel to look like city buildings or houses — just add a few ‘windows’ and ‘doors’ (Like in the second image!).

12/15. ACNH Below the Waterfall

ACNH Below the Waterfall
Image Source by XQ203

First, put on your terraforming hat and design the island’s landscape. Next, get creative with that water! Create multiple waterfalls and a river to give off an aura of serenity. Finally, build bridges that are unique in every way.

13/15. ACNH Sewing in Sun

ACNH Sewing in Sun
Image Source by @saltspringac

Don’t let your little one become a neighbourhood hooligan! And make sure she knows how to stay out of trouble. The best way to do this is to create an outdoor studio, where she can practice her craft in fresh air. A sewing machine is you need to keep her happy and busy — and she’ll be practising that super important life skill of sewing!

Meet Sable, a designer bird ready and waiting to gift you free designs and make you feel more confident in your Vook’s public image. It’s important to keep your reputation healthy! While Sable may have started off shy, this bird is ready to be your best (not just virtual) friend.

14/15. ACNH In Woods

ACNH In Woods
Image Source by MedicalFox8

If you’re looking to go for a more homey, comfy look, then the Able design is perfect for you. This sweet little shop is perfect on any island with a similar layout as the one pictured above — but on flat ground. You’ll want to use wooden planks and walls for an authentic feel. Try adding an extra wall for a cozy lobby.

15/15. ACNH Marketplace

ACNH Marketplace
Image Source by @ia_suzan

As you might have guessed, the Able Sisters store is run by three sisters: Sable, Labelle, and Mabel. You’ll find them there all hours of the day. They love to chat, so feel free to stop in whenever your heart desires — I recommend making time for it when you wake up early, because their hours are for the birds! Sable will take care of you during the early morning shift. Her designs are a bit more subdued.

You may feel like you’re in a one-sided relationship with your favourite cafe, but that’s okay! Just be super supportive and show up every day, talk to the barista daily and buy different products each session.

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