Animal Crossing New Horizons Yard Ideas

19 Animal Crossing New Horizons Yard Ideas

The options for home decorating are endless, so the same is true with your yard. You can go as wild and crazy or simply try to maintain a more natural feel in order to stay within your budget. What do you think would be best?

It’s all about putting in a lot of creativity and effort! If I may suggest one approach for taking this on, it would be visiting another player’s acnh island  and seeing their incredible yard designs – which is the easiest way to gain some great outdoor inspiration. Here are some ACNH ideas from me on how to make that happen:

1/19. ACNH Cozy Yard

ACNH Cozy Yard

This yard has everything from a relaxation area to a studying area, and here’s how you can call this your own. To make it feel like home, section off an area around your house with fencing or other types of materials that you love for the ultimate in privacy.

The key is “calling” this space yours- add items that are meaningful to you such as the brick oven or washing line! Don’t forget to create a small lake running through your backyard too–it’s sure to be calming and soothing.

And finally, don’t forget about those sweet little seating areas at each corner of the yard – they’re perfect places for chatting with friends while enjoying some yummy treats! Finally complete it all by adding rattan furniture & table along with one final touch: pick up just any old rug but find something designed specifically for outdoor use so when people sit on their new patio chairs they’ll know exactly what type of fabric they’re sitting on.

2/19. ACNH Relaxed Space

ACNH Relaxed Space

Honestly, how does a yard without any risks sound? I don’t think it sounds like anything important would ever happen. What’s the point of having an outdoor space if you’re not going to use it? Sure, there are always benefits and uses for things in landscaping – but that doesn’t mean that Roald is wrong about wanting one! You should consider adding some paths leading around your garden too; maybe even some log furniture or bamboo items for aesthetics as well as seating areas. Then add patterned cushions to decorate your landscape with all the added flair!

3/19. ACNH Diner Front Yard

ACNH Diner Front Yard

What would a backyard diner be without the funky designs, neon lights and checkerboard flooring? This design is sure to bring your outdoor yard diner to life. From there, add in seating and counters of your own choosing. Finish off with jukebox furniture or an ice cream cone lamp for that special touch! You’ll want staff wearing their favorite colors so they can serve you right out of this fun-filled kitchen on wheels.

4/19. ACNH Woodland Yard

ACNH Woodland Yard

This yard is a staple for garden-loving villagers. To keep it fresh, lay down piles of leaves and plants to create a “green vibe” in the area, add little mushrooms, flowers and trees throughout the whole area too. Also set up your own workspace by adding dirt paths over some wooden planks here! Your villagers will be wearing their gardening gloves every day with this incredible design you created!

5/19. ACNH Spacious Area

ACNH Spacious Area

These are some design tips for anyone who wants to create a huge yard. You’ll need hedges and trees surrounding the outside of your yard, along with a hardwood path. To complete this look you’ll also want to add in some blankets on each side and make sure there is room for an outdoor table with chairs too!

6/19. ACNH Elegant Yard

ACNH Elegant Yard

A cobblestone yard is the perfect complement to flower beds that were already made. The fireplace turned backwards creates a shelf where you can store books, flowers or gardening tools without getting in the way of anything else! Adding iron chairs and lamp posts will complete this quaint-looking garden with style!.

7/19. ACNH Library Yard

ACNH Library Yard

We’re sure you’ll love this design for all the bookworms out there. It would be a dream come true to have your own private library right at your doorstep! Enclose your house with hedges or fences and make it a snug little area away from the outside world. Pop up some shelves around the edges of these bookshelves- they already come filled with books, and are customizable too. Add plants, desks, chairs; whatever else is needed – just one though please!

8/19. ACNH Tropical Front Yard

ACNH Tropical Front Yard

A tropical design in the front yard will create a cheery vibe all year round. Create something with plants and shrubs that match your color scheme, some brick walls or fencing around the outside, and a pet parrot!

9/19. ACNH Clifftop Yard

ACNH Clifftop Yard

The yard you design will be one that the villagers love, and they’ll appreciate waking up to watch the sunrise. You can also add cobble designs running down each side of your yard, as well as some seating. Make sure you have plenty of trees and flowers!.

10/19. ACNH Picnic Area

ACNH Picnic Area

Yes please! Choose your favorite pattern, then add a custom design of tassels to the ends. Create a path leading up to the front door and fill it with lots of different types of flowers before adding some bamboo items too. You will be ready for some picnics in the front yard when you’re done!

11/19. ACNH Bamboo Yard

ACNH Bamboo Yard

I simply love this design – whether it’s for your home or one of your villagers. Start by putting on your terraforming shoes and getting to work; you’ll need to first create a cliff, form a waterfall running down into the small river below, add some bamboo trees and items around the yard (make sure they’re in-line with that water), then add in an optional bathtub at the bottom of all that natural beauty!

12/19. ACNH Colorful Yard

ACNH Colorful Yard

If you take pride in your yard, then this flower explosion is the way to go. It creates a new sense of space and beauty with its colors and patterns that will bring out all your creativity! Plus, it’s ideal for a little bench where you can sit down anytime for some reading or just gazing into the sunset.

13/19. ACNH Private Pool

ACNH Private Pool

This is my favorite yard design. I love the waterfall and patio seating and custom brick flooring! The pool is an important part of this outdoor space, as well with fishing or bug catching after a long day’s work. There’s nothing like a dip in the pool on your return after catching some fish to cool off from being outside all day!.

14/19. ACNH Farmer’s Yard

ACNH Farmer’s Yard

If you like to work the soil, then this is a yard that has got you covered. You can create your own farming area by laying down some dirt paths next to each other and placing any crops you like on those. You can add pumpkins, saplings, flowers or mushrooms onto them as well in order to make those fields look more interesting! Then add a bunch of trees and hedges in order for it all come together. If working the soil was your favorite pasttime before now then rest assured because soon enough it will be yours too!

15/19. ACNH Outdoor Cooking Yard

ACNH Outdoor Cooking Yard

The design of this house is so charming that it has an outdoor cooking station and matching bamboo fencing. What could be better than outdoor snacks? The addition of trees to tie in the whole look creates a perfect effect, too! Some stone seats, flowers beds and custom leaf designs are also always a good idea for finishing touches. Complete your final design with cute little features scattered around your yard.

16/19. ACNH Zen Garden Yard

ACNH Zen Garden Yard

I simply love the way this idea is situated in front of a cliff! To try this yourself, you will need to create a running waterfall from a nearby cliff cascading into your small pool area. Pop down some stone flooring around the area too, and complete with rockspools and bamboo items. You can also throw cherry blossom items including these much-loved lamps into your garden as well.

17/19. ACNH Magical

ACNH Magical

You can create this fairy-themed yard by covering the grass with custom stone and toadstool designs. Looks like a house right out of a storybook in the sky, right? Add some flowers as well, and be sure to sprinkle your yard with nova lamps for an enchanting effect. You can also add some star fragments that look like they’re floating from above (in reality, they are!). Celeste’s magical dream is complete!

18/19. ACNH Rural Yard

ACNH Rural Yard

This stunning rural yard design is screaming nature. And I’m here to capture it! The key features of this garden include the stone path leading around your home, cascading waterfalls, and a lot of colorful flowers. To finish up this amazing backyard landscaping project be sure to add some rocks and plenty of plant life too!

19/19. ACNH Private Lake

ACNH Private Lake

This must be the perfect yard to have around in chilly weather. It is ideal for family gatherings and stories by a fire pit, roasting marshmallows next to the lake with friends! To create this yard you start off by placing some lines on it that define its boundaries from your driveway up to where it meets your home’s side. Then add tree stumps and put together a little fence too. Keep those barbecue lights shining brightly all night long as well!

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