ACNH Resident Services & Town Square Ideas

19 Animal Crossing New Horizons Resident Services & Town Square Ideas

Sometimes the plaza that Resident Services sits on can be a real pain. You are not able to move it, so you cannot put anything on it and any balloons that hit this space just disappear into oblivion. While this area is an ideal place for characters during special occasions like ACNH Halloween or Christmas, don’t we want more options? Or even make our own personal plaza here at Yonder Mountain? Here are some of the best design ideas I found from people who want to make things better in this central meeting spot!

1/19.ACNH Helpful Directions

ACNH Helpful Directions

The player decided to use this cute little signpost to direct visitors where they need to go. However, she then realized that it was a good opportunity for her as well – an easy way of getting rid of days when she’s chasing after people who are confused and looking for the twins by yelling “east” instead.

2/19.ACNH Custom Paths

ACNH Custom Paths

This may seem like a shallow gesture, but in reality the way you’ve designed this fountain is quite beautiful. You’ve combined both natural man-made elements to create something that we can’t help but stop by and take in. The villagers must be so excited to live here! It’s strategically placed near shops which will make them feel welcome as they visit your town center.

3/19.ACNH Sundial Square

ACNH Sundial Square

The player’s addition to the plaza is a charming addition. The dinosaur standee in front of the museum gives me hope I won’t lose my watch when it’s time for him to be put on display! Julian seems happy he will not have anything else lost anymore after his sundial idea was implemented and received positive reaction from players alike.

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4/19.ACNH Park Plaza

ACNH Park Plaza

It is almost hard to imagine a park set up near the center of your town that doesn’t feel like being in “Wild World.” Even if it doesn’t, this plaza makes for an ideal place to connect with nature. The central placement of the fountain can be seen again – only now it’s surrounded by trees and some natural elements as well! I find myself always not knowing which designs go best on my cushions, but this player has done them beautifully here with his picnic basket and blanket. And if you have been dreaming all summer about tropical landscapes then imagine committing one right now: there is so much foliage that you forget where we were talking earlier when we had conversations about islands!

5/19.ACNH Market

ACNH Market

There’s a central market for all your animal and knickknack needs! The stalls carry only the best of the best in terms of color and design. Plus, you can exchange these goods with anything else like clothes, accessories or miscellaneous items. Anyone who comes to visit your island is free to pick what they want from this market as well- just leave them a tip behind on their way out. And finally: choose between some variety in themes such as Japanese street markets (I’m always sucker for those) by choosing which one that suits you most!

6/19.ACNH Memorial Square

ACNH Memorial Square

The idea of a memorial is to have a place or space dedicated for those who has passed away and you remember them. Some people like to put this in their home, others prefer an outdoor site with flowers placed there as well. This can also be done by choosing an indoor setting that includes pictures of the person(s) you refer to often so everyone will know what they are missing when they pass through your home!

7/19.ACNH Parking Lot

ACNH Parking Lot

It’s so easy to create a popular attraction in your plaza! You just need this parking lot designed with different areas like handicap spaces and sidewalks. The detail is impressive – it almost feels like you’re playing Animal Crossing already! I’m also expecting one of those car-beds to come speeding by….

8/19.ACNH Entryway to Resident Services

ACNH Entryway to Resident Services

You can always add a little more to the existing plaza by making an entrance with some benches, fountains and flowers which is done in classic design that looks great! The addition of custom paths would also be a nice touch if you have them available.

9/19.ACNH Playground Plaza

ACNH Playground Plaza

You can bring entertainment to your island by adding a playground. You’ll find many different items that can be redeemed for NookMiles at the plaza, such as slides and horseshoes. I found one of these in the recycling bin! Let’s start looking around for other parts so we can add more fun here! Pango looks lonely in this art piece, but she is on a horse spring-y enough to bounce with delight when you join her – as am I!

10/19.ACNH Tropical Plaza

ACNH Tropical Plaza

Here are some ideas for those who want to stay true to their Animal Crossing New Horizons theme. I actually didn’t know you could use sand paths as a way of planting coconut trees! This is brilliant, and it’s easy too; all you need is the spike fence with windflowers planted in order to give this plaza a tropical feel! It’s also nice because anytime it gets too cold where I’m at, I’ll know that my next warm escape point will be here – even if it doesn’t exist yet…

11/19.ACNH Rainbow Plaza

ACNH Rainbow Plaza

The Pride-inspired plaza with a variety of colors has been recreated beautifully. Have you seen the manhole cover art?! It’s so pretty! This good entrance also incorporates even numbers, making it look neat and welcoming.

12/19.ACNH Extended Plaza

ACNH Extended Plaza

If you want to avoid loading a default plaza when you can’t place objects in the given space, this is an ingenious solution. There are plenty of ways to utilize this new open space, for example – tables and benches could be added or your own personal town plaza IRL could be based around it! Just remember ACNH design’s golden rule of designing spaces: make it as unique as possible!

13/19.ACNH Floating Plaza

ACNH Floating Plaza

This player has managed to create an island in the middle of their plaza with great detail and accuracy. They’ve been able to use a wide variety of custom paths on this map, which makes it so that when you’re playing your game, or your friends are visiting and they come through – if they even dare to think about running through the flowers-they get totally freaked out. If you want someone else’s entire map design style (which is really detailed), then make sure that there are enough slots available for them!

14/19.ACNH Community Garden & Fountain

ACNH Community Garden & Fountain

One part has a park-element to it and the other is a garden hangout spot. You could also use these 2×2 plots in each corner of the map, as well as some plants and flowers growing in them, to try breeding different colors of flowers with villagers coming by daily for water.

15/19.ACNH Holiday Plaza

ACNH Holiday Plaza

Why not make an area dedicated to DIYs and build a series of arches that can be used as entrances for different celebrations? Every set comes with its own arch, making it perfect! From there, decorate the inside of your pumpkin-carriage or use it as a centerpiece on center stage. Line up lanterns next to related decorations and carry out costumes like mini museums in order to enjoy every day’s festive festivities at home. Whether new or old decoration remains depends on what aspect(s) might be used each time you celebrate Festivale.

16/19.ACNH Asian Plaza

ACNH Asian Plaza

The Asian-themed plants, furniture, and shops are sure to attract those as obsessed with Eastern culture as this player is. The layout of the buildings feels like it was put into careful consideration – there were no mistakes made in its design before construction! Those who go on their daily shopping errands will be tempted not only by what they see but also by the atmosphere of tranquility that permeates this entryway.

17/19.ACNH Rural Mountain Plaza

ACNH Rural Mountain Plaza

This mod seems like a mountain-top village. The colors of the stone and wood are arranged in such a way as if you were walking around in nature with that fall feeling – even Erik looks ready for camping! It’s easy to see this player is prepared. Maybe some weedy stuff here and there wouldn’t be out of place at all…actually, I think weeds mixed into their world would really give off that “mountain-top” feel.

18/19.ACNH Pretty Pink Town Square

ACNH Pretty Pink Town Square

When a design is near an airport and you can’t move it, like in this case with Resident Services, crafting your own path around the grounds will allow for a more beautiful site to be created. To do that you’ll need some hedge fencing which I really love! The color scheme here works well with many different combinations of furniture and local flora. If you try putting together something similar yourself make sure it also gives joy to its creator too – because who doesn’t want that?

19/19.ACNH Shrub Designs

ACNH Shrub Designs

This is from the same player who came up with the extended plaza idea mentioned earlier, and here they’ve added even more to it with different fencing and a well-placed phone booth in the upper right-hand corner. Judy also seems to be admiring this space after telling you some juicy gossip!

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