24 Animal Crossing New Horizons Outdoor Park Ideas

24 Animal Crossing New Horizons Outdoor Park Ideas

The bulk of your time in Animal Crossing New Horizons will be spent outdoors. This includes playing, relaxing and soaking up the nature all around you. A fun park is a great place to go for some community-building activities!

1/24.ACNH Jurassic Park

ACNH Jurassic Park

My first idea for a Jurassic Park themed park is that you recreate the logo and entrance from Jurassic Park. To make this, you will need to build an arch out of 90 stones-nope, nope…! With your limited resources (read: stone!), I would focus on creating attractions like dinosaurs or some sort of scary attraction with flesh eating mosquitos – maybe spikes coming up through the floor? Whatever they may be, just don’t forget their hungry bellies and ferocious teeth. The next thing I want you to do is carry around fossils everywhere so people can see them as soon as they come in! It’ll also be fun because when someone makes a fossil find at your park it’s like Christmas day inside its enclosure! Happy designing.

2/24.ACNH Outdoor Gym

ACNH Outdoor Gym

You can buy some equipment for your workout if you wish. Some things you may have already at your house are rock climbing walls, punching bags and a speed bag as well. There is also weight benches, extra kettle bells and barbells. With these items, you’ll be able to set up a very nice space for your workouts.

3/24.ACNH Riverside Park

ACNH Riverside Park

I love those small parks, squares that overlook the water. They make for cute little hangout or resting areas in a busy city. If you’re looking to create one of these miniature parks near your home, use some chain link fencing as rails and craft an iron garden bench on top of it to provide seating space without worrying about people accidentally falling off! I really appreciate the addition of items like remote control helicopters, electric kick scooters and tricycles-these pieces seem so natural in this park setting!.

4/24.ACNH Shakespeare Park

ACNH Shakespeare Park

There are several activities available at the park. One suggestion is to create a stage in one of the wooded areas and put on shows for everyone! You’ll need stands or props made from wood or softwood (depending on what kind of show) that you build yourself. Next, take hay beds and place them along paths for seating, which must be scaled suit armor pieces or prince’s tunics since they have such sharp colors!

5/24.ACNH Park of Duck Pond

ACNH Park of Duck Pond

I’ve seen many different ideas of duck pond, and this idea of the park is one that It sticks out because it establishes all of your tiny creation as a feeding area for ducks. You will have to either sculpt the pond on an island or create one where you want first. Then you can use multiple colors of wood scattered about throughout your miniature landscape as decoration and gameplay purposes below! Signs should also be added around your new mini-landscape which inform people not to feed them!!

6/24.ACNH Schoolyard Playground

ACNH Schoolyard Playground

Memories of playing with friends and other kids in the neighborhood ideas make me happy, but those days seem like they were so long ago now that everyone is stuck indoors all year round. This would’ve been really fun to do as a kid! So if you’d love for this type of playground park in your backyard or maybe even on an island retreat somewhere, then go ahead and follow these design plans!

7/24.ACNH Dog Park

ACNH Dog Park

I prefer the design that has a small grassy area with some country fencing, and if you like to lay down dirt as pictured, then do so. Then craft a garden bench and plant some trees for shade. It will be even better if there are also stuffed animal toys in this corner of your yard or park. Everything dog-related should go into the dog park because it is where all these items can exist together!

8/24.ACNH Nighttime Lounge Park

ACNH Nighttime Lounge Park

This is an idea for a park that could live at night. There are nightlights all around the park to help make it feel more alive when people come to visit. In order to make your park feel livelier you need to place a pit in the center of it then surround your concrete sculptures with some light, as well as put all your moon sculptures and other random tree like objects around the pit.

9/24.ACNH Garden Maze

ACNH Garden Maze

Garden mazes are a fun to any garden. If you’re trying create one yourself, I recommend building it outwards from the center first. You’ll need some stones for your fountain and iron benches as well as a couple of twinkling paintings in order to finish off this design idea!

10/24.ACNH Spooky Graveyard Park

ACNH Spooky Graveyard Park

This location may not be the most lively, but it’s a lovely resting site for those who enjoy peace and quiet. The central point is a statue of some valiant person with plants nearby their grave spots. It would also make sense to create pathways of stones before placing each headstone nearby so people can properly honor them from where they were buried. Finally, create western style stones by crafting them into neat rows on top of appropriately placed flowers-what an elegant way for visitors to find their way through!

11/24.ACNH BBQ Cookout

ACNH BBQ Cookout

When hosting a cookout, get friends together in the park. Start by setting up brick fences to create an area for cooking; then purchase outdoor tables so they can sit and eat! Next, buy benches of bamboo as well as clay ovens and barbecues from ceramic materials both of which will cost varying amounts of money depending on how many people are going. Now place unglazed pottery sets along with cutting boards around the area along with soup kettles so everyone has everything needed for their meal!

12/24.ACNH Overgrown Park Playground

ACNH Overgrown Park Playground

If you like flowers, then this is the park design for you. If you want to plant them carefully and with a different color scheme, that’s up to your preference. But what can’t be denied about these pink and white ones? They look amazing!

13/24.ACNH Carnival Park

ACNH Carnival Park

It would be fun to create a carnival park. To start off, I recommend buying garlands & balloons from Pave during the Annual Event. These items can also be found at Nook Miles during the festival season. You’ll need to buy a tea-cup ride or wheel too! The Liberty Statue is an amazing choice for your theme park centerpiece; as well as a Pagoda that brings international feeling into this area.

14/24.ACNH Movie Night Park

ACNH Movie Night Park

Setting up some panels and displaying movie on it is a simple way to make an area feel like the theater. The picnic blankets, cushions, ukulele and will help with this. Then add a machine of  popcorn so everyone can enjoy their refreshment while in the park!

15/24.ACNH Roadside Picnic Area

ACNH Roadside Picnic Area

Create a pathway that looks exactly like a street, be sure to leave a small grassy section off of the road and some country fencing around the border. Put your own ideas up in form of picnic blankets, chairs and cushions.

16/24.ACNH Garden Isle

ACNH Garden Isle

If you’re living on a small island, then try building this garden which includes benches and a fountain. It also has flowers and trees that can be found in gardens. The key for the design is not only in the foliage but also with flowers, shrubs and trees that complement each other well – including red windflowers paired with pink ones! .

17/24.ACNH Small Soccer Field

ACNH Small Soccer Field

He finds the fact that they are not playing on a full field charming. The setting up of small paths along with setting up goals and other equipment, makes the field look like a makeshift set up. To this, he thanks Nook Miles for their additional equipment in getting the players ready to play some soccer.

18/24.ACNH Peninsula Area

ACNH Peninsula Area

Sometimes, your peninsula on the island can feel like wasted space. You may have recently turned it into a small stargazing area, but you could easily turn your plot of vacant land into a mini park with trees for studying and custom picnic blankets in the background by planting them there yourself. Next up is making an antique log dining table to replace those old plastic ones that you probably own already (I know I do). Finally purchase some fun items such as chalkboard journals chess sets typewriters etc., so that when people stop by during study time they will have something to entertain themselves while waiting for their essays/quizes or writing assignments .

19/24.ACNH Waterfall National Park

ACNH Waterfall National Park

The main focus of this park is not the items that people will purchase there, but rather the landscape features we’ll need to sculpt out of it. These small and oddly-shaped waterfalls are found in nature. However, natural law is not always perfect which means you may want to add some customized stone pathways or cedar trees too once you’re done with your design! This will give people a different way to experience this natural beauty!

20/24.ACNH Cherry Blossoms Moonlit

ACNH Cherry Blossoms Moonlit

The design of the cherry blossom park in ACNH is always a vision to see and I find interesting features that work well together. Setting up brick paths and iron fortified fences around the perimeter is a good way to do that. Next, craft some tables and chairs with decorations on top for an attractive looking driska.

21/24.ACNH Japanese-Inspired Park

ACNH Japanese-Inspired Park

If you have a nice bamboo grove on your ACNH island like me, then maybe consider turning it into something even more special – a park! You’ll need to make some changes in order to do so. These include enclosing the area with fencing made of iron and crafting items such as stools and tables from stone, along with other materials that can be easily found nearby. The tiki torches are really easy to make too! Now you have an oasis right on your island’s border where people can relax and take in the tranquility no matter what time they visit.

22/24.ACNH Entrance Museum Park

ACNH Entrance Museum Park

Sometimes creating a design isn’t so much about what you use on a project, but rather where you decide to place it. Placing the Museum’s front entrance as the front of Blather’s Park will give visitors an enticing entryway that is easy to replicate. Open up the hill and put in some stone paths for good measure.

23/24.ACNH Fun Kidcore Park

ACNH Fun Kidcore Park

One of the most exciting types of parks is an amusement park. They offer various attractions including roller coasters, teacup rides and cotton candy to name a few. Nook Miles offers purchasable items like these in their custom designed park designs! There are also standees available for purchase that can be customized into whatever characters you want them made into! The medieval fair idea seems promising too, so why not make that happen?

24/24.ACNH Park Behind Building

ACNH Park Behind Building

If you reside in a city, and have any sort of space that doesn’t get direct sunlight, it’s likely to be a bit bleak. In order for anything green to thrive here, people come up with their own creative ideas. This player chose to put grass paths on dirt with some flower patches thrown in; they planted trees from different stages so plants could grow!

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