19 Animal Crossing New Horizons Japanese Island Design Ideas

If you’re looking to make your own island, try Animal Crossing New Horizons. With hundreds of items and thousands of new ones since its release in 2016, this game is easier than ever before. It’s got a whole lot more Japanese-inspired goods now!

1/19.ACNH Rock Garden

A meditation area is a perfect addition to any Japanese-style island. It’s easy to make one by just following the diagram and getting some wooden flooring, rocks, bamboo items and cedar trees!

2/19.ACNH Japanese Temple

This is my favorite Japanese-themed area on this island. It really is a spectacular addition to any island! This design boasts an immersive temple structure with easy-to create designs and layers that can be added onto the different levels of the building for full effect. Make sure you include lots of cherry blossom trees in your design as well! You’ll also need some tall lanterns, Japanese fencing, and a big rock head statue to complete your finished product. Now there’s our very own benevolent Japanese god just waiting for us all here on Stravaia.

3/19.ACNH Monument

You can build a Japanese-inspired monument by constructing a cliff, adding some panels and lamps up at the top of the structure to give it an authentic look, then finishing off with plants..

4/19.ACNH Zen Island

Get ready for a fun photo opportunity with these Japanese inspired bridge areas. Set up a waterfall surrounded by bamboo trees, and an island in the middle of the lake so you can connect bridges over it. Add two red zed bridges leading over the island and some flowering shrubs closeby too! To finish your look, pop on your kimono – perfect!

5/19.ACNH Japanese Forest

Start off your Japanese island with this vibrant forest area. The waterfalls and the pagodas in the background make for a gorgeous design, so try it out yourself! Be sure to have plenty of cedar and bamboo trees as well. You can also add lots of stones too – just remember that you need more than one type! Remember to add many flowering shrubs and red flowers in there as well. Add some butterfly models too if you want Flick’s commissioned model- all you have to do is feed him three of those same bugs when he comes by your island, then he’ll send back an exclusive bug model for his own collection (but only during limited times).

6/19.ACNH Futuristic

How is your island shaped? You can make a huge lake in the center and place some panels that are customized with light designs on its sides. Add utility poles to complete the look, and it will be a true city vibe!

7/19.ACNH Marketplace

To create this bustling shopping area on your island, you can start by laying down some stone paths. You can add some cliffs on either side of your main path area and fill them up with custom ACNH stalls, and you can customize these with your favorite designs and products to sell at your market. Don’t forget to add lots of neon signs or utility poles! Finally, don’t forget the moon!

8/19.ACNH Japanese Garden

Great- your idea looks amazing! Don’t forget to incorporate the custom design into the stone path and lay it down through the garden. Place this area next to some cliffs, waterfalls, and bamboo for an ultra-relaxing vibe. Add in lots of bamboo items too – so that space will come alive with beauty! Maybe you want something else entirely on top… or maybe just a pagoda at one end there? The finishing touches to this anime styled space could be done easily by simply adding a pagoda on an end there as well as incorporating it into your Japanese style garden is now complete!!

9/19.ACNH School Area

Everyone wants an island school, but not just me. I want to be able to build the school of my dreams and make it look like one from Japan – a place where everyone can feel safe, loved and nurtured. To do this, start by building a cliff edge that you can decorate with your designs of choice- or even let people pick their own design style when they pay for their spot in the academy! Finish off your classroom bonsai trees outside near benches so people will have somewhere comfortable to sit while still outdoors (and maybe leave them something cool inside too).

10/19.ACNH Picnic Area

This is a Japanese-style picnic area. It’s easy to create, and it includes stools for you and your villagers. You can surround the area with some zen fencing for an exclusive feel as well as bamboo items such as planters, lanterns and trees.

11/19.ACNH Pancakes and Dumplings

So, you want a pancake and dumpling shop? Let’s get started! There are already lots of shops out there that have this setup. The secret to having your pancakes on plates and bowls of fresh dumplings is using custom designs with hats. You can even create your own menu for the store, too! It would be great if we had chairs in our stall so customers could sit down as they eat their delicious food; but let’s not worry about it now–instead just focus on getting ready for business by adding some iron tables and chairs later.-END>> .

12/19.ACNH Small Neighborhood

Selecting a design that you want to make from the many different designs available is easy! You can place your chosen acnh neighborhood ideas designs on top of each other and add some plants, washing lines, utility poles and pavement-type features. The right combination will make or break your little street’s design in order to bring it together. If you need cardboard boxes for people who need them then that can be arranged too!

13/19.ACNH Meditation Area

This is not as complicated as it may look. All that’s needed to create this area is a few bookcases and some simple panels. If you flip the bookcases so they are looking at their backs, then place some custom wooden designs for your flooring in that space – maybe add plants or flowers on top of those too!

14/19.ACNH Rockpool

This Japanese-inspired area is every cherry blossom lover’s dream. If you want to create this paradise on your own island, just need some paths and bamboo! Start by creating a stone path leading through the island. Add some bamboos around the area as well as hedges around it for aesthetic purposes. Be sure to add lots of cherry blossoms, trees, shrubs and rocks – all with this theme in mind! Finally finish off with a rockpool.-.

15/19.ACNH Restaurant Space

With over 100 stalls in the restaurant, there is plenty of space to enjoy a meal or take-out. There are also hand-painted designs on the floor and lamps for your customers that feel right at home when they come in. Finally, you can add condiments like ketchup and mustard so people will feel right at home with your food!.

16/19.ACNH Japan Haven

This design can be used to decorate any area of your home or outdoor space. It’s great for small areas, like on a desk, in the hallway or even outside! Plus, it only takes an hour to assemble and is perfect for springtime as well. You can use this theme with a kimono – which makes it appropriate year-round – which you could wear locally!

17/19.ACNH Zen Bridge

The Japanese island bridge is an easy design to create, with a beautiful layout. It’s one of the most unique designs because it’s built into a river and still looks amazing! To make this happen you need to dig out the river flowing through your land and add in some bamboo items like mats or chopsticks (or both), as well as possibly adding in gong if you want something more subtle for decoration purposes. Flowers also don’t hurt! Also remember Mother Earth when designing; there will be plenty of trees available for planting too…

18/19.ACNH Cityscape

Go on and make your own island with a mix of the city and the forest (or vice versa), add stone steps going up to top level, decorate with lanterns all around, adorn it by placing an elegant pagoda in its highest spot.

19/19.ACNH Downtown Tokyo

If you’re leaning more towards downtown Japan on your island, this is the design for you. If not, then try this one instead! First lay down some stone paths to prepare for your busy city life. You can create your own street advertisements too! All it takes are simple panels and custom designs added onto them-easy peasy lemon squeezy. Add two cliffs at either side of the central area so that everything appears as a large high rise building from above-then add vending machines and utility poles to complete an authentic Japanese urban feel!

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