ACNH Bathroom Ideas

14 Animal Crossing New Horizons Bedroom Ideas

With more ways than ever to customize your home, you can take your creativity to the next level just by following designs of others. From super cozy ocean mermaid bedrooms all the way up to fairyland palatial castles, I’ve got it all in this list.

1/14.ACNH Mermaid Bedroom

ACNH Mermaid Bedroom

Channel your inner mermaid and let’s take a trip under the sea. You can start this look off by using an underwater wallpaper and flooring to create the base for this aquatic room design. Then add lots of mermaid furniture which is obtainable from Pascal once you find him out in the ocean, so if you can find him, give him some scallops, he’ll reward you with various pieces of furniture from our collection. It might take time but eventually we’ll all get that whole set! Featured custom designs will also be displayed for everyone to appreciate too! To complete your room decorating adventure don’t forget about those fish catches either – whether they’re exotic or not just display them away with pride on any shelf or mantle piece in the kitchen area (or anywhere else!).

2/14.ACNH Winter Night Bedroom

ACNH Winter Night Bedroom

This cozy idea is perfect for those who want to keep their home feeling warm and welcoming all year round. You can add falls snow wallpaper, a wooden floor design, along with your favorite knickknacks. Don’t forget the fireplace! And what would this bedroom be without stars? Add these star garlands to help you fall asleep every night like never before.

3/14.ACNH Cottage Bedroom

ACNH Cottage Bedroom

With just a few steps, you can make the cottage bedroom design your own. You don’t have to worry about what wood-themed flooring or book shelves you will use. All of these things are seen in this cozy bedroom that represents an old fashioned style!

4/14.ACNH Kid Bedroom

ACNH Kid Bedroom

Let your child shine by adding a bedroom that is suitable for them. You can create this style of room by decorating it with blue tones, whatever feels right to you. Add bookshelves and toy boxes – they will match well together! Other fun little items could also be added in here; I’m sure they’ll look great.

5/14.ACNH Modern Bedroom

ACNH Modern Bedroom

If you want to maintain a sleek and modern bedroom, then it’s important that you can contain the space. Part of your room could be sectioned off with screens so a kitchen and dining area are in another part of the room. Be sure to also have white or black monochrome flooring like carpet if you would like this look! Then finish up by adding units for kitchen appliances such as tables, chairs, TVs!.

6/14.ACNH Pink Bedroom

ACNH Pink Bedroom

To get your bedroom redecorated, start the walls in some pastel pink wallpaper. Add a few more pieces of furniture to make it look like Barbie’s room- maybe even a mermaid bed! The TV can always be found on one of the shelves and there should also be plenty of space for books (especially if you have an encyclopedic memory). You might need to add flowers too or perhaps something else that symbolizes happiness.

7/14.ACNH Icy Bedroom

ACNH Icy Bedroom

You could create a cold bedroom. All you need is heaps of frozen items and some snowflakes so that when the kids come in from outside they can help make their own awesome creations! They’ll be able to learn all sorts of new DIY recipes too and gather them for themselves. Make sure your family has plenty of supplies before starting on this project though – because once it starts, there will need to be enough supplies for everyone involved as well as any decorations or other things needed inside!.

8/14.ACNH Pirate Bedroom

ACNH Pirate Bedroom

Walk the plank, shiver me timbers, and strike gold with this bedroom. To get your house ready for this look you’ll want to collect all sorts of pirate-style furniture from Gulivarrr (on sale now at Gaviall). Once you find him washed up on an island be sure to help him recover his communicator parts. Now he’s going to reward you by providing different items such as a pirate bed and some cool bookcases too! Your furniture should be imperial in style so that everything matches perfectly! You could also go crazy with custom designs if One Piece is your thing as long as they’re not obscene or derogatory in any way.

9/14.ACNH Sweet Bedroom

ACNH Sweet Bedroom

A super sweet design based on floral wallpaper, wooden flooring and bookcases is guaranteed to transform any home into an adorable ACNH bedroom. Start by adding your favorite light pastel-colored items like bedding, curtains, chair with matching pink in the floor plant and star garlands, too! Complete this look by adding crescent moons on stars or maybe even nova lights?

10/14.ACNH Bedroom of Boho Chic

ACNH Bedroom of Boho Chic

This bedroom is dreamy! You can make it yourself by adding some wooden walls, flooring, and of course some wooden furniture to the space. This example shows a great dresser and matching bed with a funky rug added for color. The room will also be enhanced by lots of photos or other frames hung up on the wall that might seem more neutral to leave its boho vibes intact.

11/14.ACNH Wooden Bedroom

ACNH Wooden Bedroom

How cute is this wooden bedroom design? All you need re-create it is a few old-world items, but first decide which wooden wallpaper and flooring. Any of them can work! After you pop those on, start filling your room with heaps of wood furniture like the birdcage I especially love. But really what you want are stuff that looks like they’re from an older time in history – anything else will fit too! Be sure to add lots of plants and some big books as well; finish by adding some adorable fairy lights and candles just because they are so classic in here. Big fan of both the candle styles throughout the entire space – they just work!!

12/14.ACNH Celestial Bedroom

ACNH Celestial Bedroom

With this celestial-themed bedroom idea, you can drift into outer space. There are plenty of DIY recipes in Celeste’s store that will show you how to create the look for your own room. It looks really nice when it is finished with wooden flooring and a lacy rug put on top! Star garlands add even more magic to the room, while nova lights make sure nothing gets too dark. To finish off any dreamy night: dress up as an astronaut and launch yourself from Earth by throwing on a costume!

13/14.ACNH Gym Bedroom

ACNH Gym Bedroom

If you want a place to work out where all your favorite fitness equipment is stored and you can also listen to music while working out, give this idea a try! This gym-inspired bedroom has everything in it. Start by giving the space walls and flooring some stone textures, adding as much of your workout equipment as possible into the room, then add vinyl player to rock at home while training. You can even make custom inspirational quotes for the wall too! The final step would be including that bunk bed somewhere inside there so it properly looks like an actual bedroom again.

14/14.ACNH Tropical Bedroom

ACNH Tropical Bedroom

Imagine waking up to the beach every day. With this tropical wallpaper design and customizable panels, it’s easy to create illusion in your bedroom. You can then place them around and add a few French door designs as well as some shutter doors for an extra effect!

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