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19 ACNH Shopping Center, Marketplace & Shop Ideas

Capitalism, like in real life, is present and prominent in Animal Crossing New Horizons. The difference is that the game offers a much more whimsical setting where you can choose to build whatever tickles your fancy. Here are some great ideas for what you could build!

1/19.ACNH Grocery Store

ACNH Grocery Store

If you’re looking for a cake after dinner, or fresh produce and fish, this ultra cool grocery store has the goods. It’s fun to see all the different products in one place. The cart is simply a trolley with dishes hanging on it- but that just adds to its charm!

2/19.ACNH Sakura Street

ACNH Sakura Street

This build is made with the sakura theme in mind, as it has a lot of features relating to cherry blossom trees. It also comes with many different levels and shops that can be personalized to look like they are ready for customers or businesses!

3/19.ACNH Flea Market

ACNH Flea Market

This cool flea market is like a game of “I, Spy,” where with all sorts of goods like plants, clothes, a sewing machine and books there’s something for everyone. And like many entries on this list it’s even great way to use up items that don’t fit in your house or elsewhere on the island. There are also vending machines here if you get hungry while browsing!

4/19.ACNH Plant Shop

ACNH Plant Shop

Working out in the garden is easy with warming temperatures. There’s nothing better than getting a fresh plant from New Horizons! They have all sorts of plants ready for dirt, like calla lilies or monsteras. Out of soil? No problem, just go to their store and get any gardening gear you need! If you want your deck looking stocked without having to make it yourself (which this amazing shop does not allow), then custom panels are perfect for that task too – there’s no reason why New Horizons shouldn’t offer them since they already do so much more besides growing.

5/19.ACNH Lush Shopping District

ACNH Lush Shopping District

This looks like something straight out of a fairytale! Plants and flowers fill the area, making it look beautifully green. A beautiful little waterfall is also present as well as some white iron benches whose shape contrasts nicely with the greenery around them. Able Sisters and Nook’s Cranny are nearby too, adding to how great this whole shopping district looks. The symmetry just makes everything feel amazing in its place!

6/19.ACNH Fish Market

ACNH Fish Market

Fish markets are a very common sight in many parts of the world. They’re a surefire way to get freshest and most delicious fish for sushi, fried fish, ceviche or any other dish by using stalls and tanks. This custom ACNH Fish Market has screens that help in creating an East Asian feel with its Japanese-esque vibe. These would be great additions to an African themed island or section! I like how it has hoses on hand so that you can top up your tanks as soon as they need more water ;).

7/19.ACNH Farmer’s Market

ACNH Farmer’s Market

I love visiting farmer’s markets and finding new produce, especially when there are petting animals. These farmyards have more than just animal fun though! They also have creative custom panels to make them look like an actual building that is really tricky to build. Invite your friends for a photo shoot on the fruit stands, or stop and smell the flowers instead of being discouraged by signs that say “Petting not allowed”.

8/19.ACNH Yarn Shop

ACNH Yarn Shop

New Horizons has a big collection of knit goods, like sweaters. Where does the yarn come from though? If you don’t have a shepherd villager like Barba or Pietro to beg for some fluff, then you can DIY it with this fun yarn shop! Custom panels make it look as though there are shelves of skeins to choose from and an array of sweaters, hats, fireplace and comfortable couch give this adorable setup a funky & cozy feel. If you like knitting or crocheting then New Horizons is kind-of building just for those people too! Do you think Celeste knits? I think Celeste knits.

9/19.ACNH Antique Clothing Store

ACNH Antique Clothing Store

This player is using a part of their house as an antique clothing boutique in order to sell various types of handmade clothes and accessories. In addition, you can find hats and shoes along with each piece that goes on display. This would also be a terrific idea for new players because it’s fairly easy to build – just the advanced customization app on the Nook Phone, creativity, and some time.

10/19.ACNH Redd’s Black Market

ACNH Redd’s Black Market

Redd is not often seen on my island, and finding this number of fake paintings is quite impressive. If you have a dark sense of humor or love the silly fakes in this game, then maybe an idea like having a marketplace for knockoff art would be right up your alley! Or if you’re in need of some knockoff Gucci bags – they’ll be here! Redd’s docking spot makes it easy to see all that ACNH has to offer too..

11/19.ACNH Fishing & Pet Shop

ACNH Fishing & Pet Shop

Pets can be a tricky topic because they do not have the same moral boundaries as other villagers such as Blathers. For example, you might catch a squid but your neighbor could be an octopus! If you’re really craving for some pets to adopt, this shop has them all here with ethical fish and bugs that are cared for well. There’s plenty of specimens on display so take your time picking out the perfect one. Your villagers will love browsing except Blathers – he loathes bugs (and I don’t blame him).

12/19.ACNH Potion Shop

ACNH Potion Shop

There are lots of nifty spooky items to be found at ACNH, from fortune telling kits and poison potions to a skeleton friend. Visit at night, if you dare! We have the best witchy products in town when it comes down to potion brewing as well. No worries about getting lonely with a partner who is always by your side! When there’s not enough light after dark, we provide some cool stuff like spell books that help fill up this shop and make it all better too.

13/19.ACNH Nook’s Cranny Overflow

ACNH Nook’s Cranny Overflow

As a small building, it’s not surprising that Nook’s Cranny doesn’t stock many items. What makes this store fun is the variety of products and cool additions to the build itself. It can be used by new players or veterans alike as there are many things to make your life easier. The only thing missing are boxes from Resident Services to get you started!

14/19.ACNH Shopping Plaza

ACNH Shopping Plaza

This shopping district is a treat for anyone with discerning tastes. It offers shoppers the convenience of catching up at Nook’s Cranny and Able Sisters both in one place, as well as keeping them company while they’re there. The statues, fountain, and flowers create an ideal focal point on your island that can also be a great home base when you explore other spots too!

15/19.ACNH Flower Market

ACNH Flower Market

This adorable little market is all about flowers and plants. There’s a stall with cacti, bonsai, some other types of plants too! Your villagers will mill around looking at the various stalls – it makes for lively shopping time. The variety is super cool to see- there are even apples on one side which make me want to buy them right away! This sort of thing feels like home when you need something different in your life- just go ahead and buy more flowers if that’s what you’re interested in doing today.

16/19.ACNH Old Timey Market

ACNH Old Timey Market

If you love old movies, Van Gogh paintings, and fun hats as much as I do (and who doesn’t?), this is the place for you. It has a bright cheerful atmosphere with conifer background and pop of flowers in the wheelbarrow. .

17/19.ACNH Street Market

ACNH Street Market

You’ll never know what you can find in a street market! And, at the same time, there’s plenty of things to buy- like wares and pottery. If you don’t know what to do with your old furniture or paintings- plant them here for some extra Stardust! This would be an ideal spot for Sahara from Rugsville to sell his rugs–if he wanted, that is.

18/19.ACNH Electronics Shop

ACNH Electronics Shop

In Animal Crossing, you can have a natural “island” view of the game where it’s just nature. For those who are into such things and want to add more role playing elements to the game, this is an electronics store that sells modern luxuries like computers, televisions, Nintendo Switches (Woah! That’s meta!) and Dodo mail service subscriptions or collectables for your island economy.

19/19.ACNH Cottage Sisters

ACNH Cottage Sisters

This perfect little cottagecore-inspired getaway is a great one to try out. It has plenty of outdoor space, with room for clothes and flowers. The spinning wheel adds some fun details as well! If you like nature and antique looking things, give this one a go!

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