Animal Crossing New Horizons Living Room Ideas

24 Animal Crossing New Horizons Living Room Ideas

The living room is typically the first thing you see when visiting someone’s home in the real world. It either invites or discourages visitors from entering, and some ways of sprucing up your house can be found on Animal Crossing New Horizons! Here are a few great designs for making your house feel more inviting- we’ve got plenty right here!

1/24. ACNH Dog Lover’s Dream

ACNH Dog Lover’s Dream

First, the photos of dog friends on the wall. You’ll need to make your own custom designs in order to proudly display your canine buddies! Second, that cozy nighttime vibe in here makes me want to spend time reading a book at night on the sofa while snuggled up with my dog. The sofas and fireplace are standard items included along with ACNH furniture pieces.

2/24. ACNH Goth-Themed Living Room

ACNH Goth-Themed Living Room

There are so many ways to bring a gothic-themed living room together, it’s hard to narrow down the main point. However, if you’re looking for an overall theme with black everything, this might be your chance!

You’ll need a box sofa in black and you’ll want to craft a wooden low table in black. Yes – yes please – use that beautiful skull print flooring.

And if you really want over-the-top goth goodness (and who doesn’t), create yourself some deathly walls with skulls on them like the skull wall or even better yet go all out by using those old school style throwback types of skulls from way back when: radio, chessboard and birdcage too!

3/24. ACNH Modern Monochrome

ACNH Modern Monochrome

I’ve noticed a lot of homes lately like white. It’s simple, it goes with anything and can help brighten up the room.

For this design, you need to add standard furniture pieces in white such as your box corner sofas, fireplace or wooden low table.

You’ll also need to collect star fragments to craft two giant nova lights that really light up the room even more! Some decorations will help give some color into the space: for example, lucky cat and pine bonsai trees are both decorating ideas for this look! Finish off by mounting 50 inch TVs above your fireplace(s) and you’re one step closer towards modern chic style!

4/24. ACNH Cozy Mountain Cabin

ACNH Cozy Mountain Cabin

Ever ski and stayed in a cozy cabin? I haven’t. But, even without skiing or going to a cabin, you can still appreciate charming wooden abodes with all the right touches on furnishings like wooden knot flooring, wall decorations such as tree designs and knots together with furniture that complements nicely.

You’ll need some plants too; nothing beats cacao trees! You will find contrasting vibes from white sofas juxtaposed against red kilim-style carpeting which will make this home come alive! It is also the small details – boomerang above doorways for example – that make this space more than ordinary.

5/24. ACNH Hobbit Hole Living Room

ACNH Hobbit Hole Living Room

This idea is inspired by the Shire from the Lord of the Rings series. Despite this, mossy garden flooring, ivy walls and lacy rugs can be obtained as well as log furniture to start including picture designs or your own personal creations! There are also a variety of lights that can be crafted in order to customize your hobbit hole with!

6/24. ACNH Traditional Japanese Home

ACNH Traditional Japanese Home

The tough part is figuring out what items you need to decorate the room in order to display all of the Japanese characters throughout.

You’ll also have to rush tatami flooring and match it up with your wallpaper nicely. For a centerpiece, floor seats and a kotatsu are needed, as well as tea kettle and teacups for decoration.

These simple furnishings work great with this Japanese home idea! Once you decorate your space with plants like bonsai trees or monsteras, you can relax into its new environment filled with Zen-like sentimentality!

7/24. ACNH White Christmas Room

ACNH White Christmas Room

This lovely design would look perfect on your couch during the holiday season! The table, sofa and chairs are all made from logs. It is advisable to shake off any cedar ornaments before decorating a festive tree this year, because they need the moisture to maintain their fragility. The fireplace will not only keep you warm during these cold months but make those days much more enjoyable than in previous years when it was too chilly outside.

8/24. ACNH Cherry Blossom Forest Room

ACNH Cherry Blossom Forest Room

Honestly, there is just something so stunning about an Animal Crossing house that looks like the outdoors.

The majority of it will be crafted from items made with cherry blossom petals: the wall and flooring for one.

Other items require these petals to craft their specialties, such as a pond stone or bonsai tree! Look around your home before beginning crafting so you don’t miss any opportunities – sometimes less is indeed more!

9/24. ACNH Chinese Restaurant Theme

ACNH Chinese Restaurant Theme

A lifestyle with a Chinese restaurant inside? That’s what you get when this living room comes complete from the imperial series of furniture.

You’ll need an imperial dining table, chairs and partitions for that perfect dinner party. Finish it off by adding in your favorite red kilim rug to round out your new life-style!

10/24. ACNH Anime Playroom

ACNH Anime Playroom

It looks like a good portion of you are fans of anime. This design is the culmination of all these different items that are included in this idea, making it one genius concept.

You’ll need magazines and tons more to make up for the manga library wall! It’s a weird wallpaper idea- I think! Cover your room with so many toys from costumes to game pieces; then cover yourself with ninja hoods, power helmets, and zap helmets as well so you too can become part of your favorite series/anime.

11/24. ACNH 70’s Living Room

ACNH 70’s Living Room

The style of your house can certainly add to its appeal, but there are certain other little things that you’ll want it to have.

For instance, a retro floral print wall and orange-and-green sofas can really make the place stand out from all others!

However, in order for this look to be complete you need something else – like an earthy flooring with herringbone patterns (to create the retro vibe), brown shaggy rugs (for extra funk) and plants galore!

12/24. ACNH Deep Sea Cavern

ACNH Deep Sea Cavern

The ACNH have this ability to mix furniture sets and create something wonderful. It’s truly remarkable. This design even mixes in a wooden block bookshelf, which requires softwood, Astrological Cancer crab table (which requires star fragments), and the moving painting, more commonly known as the Birth of Venus – that is to amplify this space to a whole new level!

13/24. ACNH Hotel Lobby Living Room

ACNH Hotel Lobby Living Room

So the furniture in hotels is pretty comfortable, right? Well now you can get your hands on different crafting recipes and items for sale to create your very own hotel lobby.

While typically placed in a corner facing each other, I really like the box sofas that are surrounded by wall seating surrounding them!

Another key point of this design is including a bookshelf with enough space for plenty of books to be read. No hotel lobby would be complete without front desk – which includes a den desk and typewriter!

14/24. ACNH Rattan Home Garden

ACNH Rattan Home Garden

The furniture in this room is a bit basic, but the execution is on point! It’s easy to see how perfect this idea was – dare I say flawless.

Nook has various rattan series of couches and chairs that come in brown. The white upright piano adds personality as well, while giving guests an inviting vibe when they enter your home.

All the furniture around the yellow Persian rug makes it feel like a welcoming place for visitors to visit you inside your living room!

15/24. ACNH Basement Library Living Space

ACNH Basement Library Living Space

The room is decorated to look a lot like a serial killer’s study, but the design and decorating of this space is on point.

This living room just exudes cozy vibes! You’ll need plenty of books (via Nook Shopping) so that you can craft all the shelves for your own personal library.

Small details like candles and sepia globe also help add some color/sparkle to an otherwise darker space. Make sure you purchase an amazing painting to hang up in this comfy new spot!

16/24. ACNH Hogwarts Common Room

ACNH Hogwarts Common Room

If you’re a big Harry Potter fan like me, then you’ll surely want to give this common room a try! You can use some typical furniture items in ACNH such as the fireplace and chair, with Rattan sofas too.

But for those of us who need some lab equipment for homework, there will be barrels and bookshelves that require both wood and iron – though not necessary at all.

The cherry on top is the table where experiments are set up already from which your potions homework can come tumbling out (pun intended).

It’s really obvious what house is Hufflepuff here because they went with yellowish colors while I’m personally Slytherin- green and silver make it clear!

17/24. ACNH Starry Night Living Room

ACNH Starry Night Living Room

Sweet dreams and goodnight! Well, not really. The night sky’s features are typically used to put people in a sleepy mood.

This idea also uses the flooring and wallpaper as part of its design for this living room set up that you’re about to see.

18/24. ACNH Butterfly Garden

ACNH Butterfly Garden

One of the most common bugs you’ll see around your island are butterflies, so why not model an idea for a living room after them? You can obviously use wallpaper that has butterflies in it as well as furniture like double sofas and a fireplace. I never would have thought of using log wild bench flooring to make into a table, but it totally works with this aesthetic! Lastly, floral rush fabric will be perfect for creating your own butterfly paradise.

19/24. ACNH Club Lounge

ACNH Club Lounge

Let’s give the living room a sci-fi feel with these wall and ceiling lights. An easy way to do this is purchase some star fragments at Nook shopping, use those for your walls, and then purchase the lighting that goes along with it.

You’ll need a low wooden table from wood in order to complete the look as well! The sofas can simply be bought from Nook shopping too – go for white ones if you want them to reflect other colors like light easily.

A place where people can sit together will also be necessary- we suggest espresso makers and bar stools! Let’s not forget neon signs on our diner sign – they should face away but still allow all of their brilliant light into our home theater area; very cool indeed!

20/24. ACNH Fruity Funhouse Living Room

ACNH Fruity Funhouse Living Room

I was not disappointed. And if you build something like this, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed either. Here’s a few pieces that highlight the room: The peach chair, juicy apple TV and orange rug, along with an orange wall-mounted clock which all make for a fun and fruity living space! Other items to consider are the yellow double sofa and refrigerator; throwback mitt chair; shell table; records on the wall.

21/24. ACNH Ice Wizard’s Palace

ACNH Ice Wizard’s Palace

If you were able to obtain some large snowflakes during the winter, then you’re in luck. The ice temple is only a few steps away! For this idea you’ll need the snowflakes to craft your ice block flooring and wallpaper. This player utilized both a log bench and wild bench with their log dining table but they can mix and match them at their leisure; however, they want white wood for that icy aesthetic so adding it would be ideal. What truly makes this room an Ice Wizard’s Palace is everything that happens in… basically all of your decor items together like mirror, Sagittarius arrow, plasma ball (ahem), wall mounted candles make up for this place feeling magical!

22/24. ACNH Overgrown Greenhouse Living Room

ACNH Overgrown Greenhouse Living Room

I have shown off some designs that make good use of indoor plants, which is one common way to add greenery in a room. This design takes it further by mixing things like custom leaf shapes onto the flooring and furniture items where you’ll need different types of wood to craft them! It also has a few other features like log chairs, rocking chairs, and benches with logs on top.

23/24. ACNH Conversation Pit

ACNH Conversation Pit

This is not your average living room. It has a neat idea to it, and using furniture from Animal Crossing you can easily make this into a reality in real life!

The first step of creating this living room would be lining the walls with white desks that are available for purchase.

Next would be making the circle shape with box sofas on all four corners. You’ll need some hardwood to craft the log table, which comes out very pretty – and many books for crafting wallpapers as well! Lastly, decorate the tables and desktops with plenty of bookstands candles cushions plants to liven up conversations here at home.

24/24. ACNH Fairy Woods

ACNH Fairy Woods

For those who are enchanted by the magic, this design is sure to bring a magical atmosphere into your home. There is plenty of room for all of your creativity with each feature in it’s own way.

With plants throughout and various decorations like floating biotopes, Cacao trees and rocket lamps; you’ll be able to create an enchanting fairycore-style bedroom that will captivate anyone visiting!

Nook’s Cranny as well because they sell these two items along with many other selections – making decorating this space easy! Green rug also helps tie everything together so you can make her dream come true.

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