50 Great ACNH Island Design Ideas: Ultimate Collection

50 Great ACNH Island Design Ideas: Ultimate Collection

With a huge fanbase, Animal Crossing: New Horizons island ideas is no stranger to creativity. From gardens and interiors, to ACNH entrance ideas, we’ve curated a list of the best-of-the-best build ideas from ACNH. But what if we organized an even bigger list featuring all these cool houses? That’s our goal here: A masterlist of the coolest build ideas in New Horizons!

1/50. ACNH Bamboo Park

ACNH Bamboo Park

Snowy natural landscapes are truly a wonderland in winter – even if the snow has stopped! Northern and Southern lights, crescent moon and star fragments help illuminate this chilly winter night. There is plenty to keep you entertained acnh bamboo island, like watching the stars or making wishes on falling stars on clear nights. Whether it’s because of a new season or simply because every day feels like Christmas, there’s lots to plan for next year!

2/50. ACNH Pirate Camp

ACNH Pirate Camp

Sometimes you have to make the best of what is given, and sometimes that means making things a little more fun with ACNH pirate designs. That’s where Nintendo comes in handy for their Mario themed goals! With these simple instructions, it would be easy to create one for your campsite too.

3/50. ACNH Beach Bonfire

ACNH Beach Bonfire

A beach bonfire is a great idea. The perfect spot to have one would be with your friends. Invite a few online pals, or even just some people you know offline also! You could make s’mores for yourself and the ones you’re hosting over (or buy them if you want), or grab a cold drink from your cooler in advance of the fire pit. This player embraced realism by adding that not every ACNH beach Ideas will actually look like it does on TV – they put an old tire, weeds, and even rowboat into the scenery’s background!

4/50. ACNH Outdoor Reading Spot

ACNH Outdoor Reading Spot

Here’s an idea for your outside! You can create a reading nook with comfy cushions and coffee, doughnuts and hay bales. The sun will be shining in this beautiful area. It is easy to make – all you need is a rug, cups of some sort, hay bales or whatever decorations you want.

5/50. ACNH Pastel Neighborhood

ACNH Pastel Neighborhood

I love pink houses. If I could live in any color, it would definitely be this shade of hot-pink that makes me feel like a princess! This photograph is mesmerizing. Even though these pastel colors are so beautiful and unique to this street, the wide array of flowers, wood fencing, white lamp posts, and comfy looking seating just make everything look even more inviting. It’s as if you’ve been transported straight into an animated Ghibli movie!

6/50. ACNH Purple Mermaid’s Perch

ACNH Purple Mermaid’s Perch

This build is so fun, it’s almost a little weird. If you happen to like purple  or want people to ask what the heck is happening here, this build will be perfect for you! It also includes items that are related such as flowers and shell arches – all of which contribute towards making this surreal scenery even more amazing.

7/50. ACNH Quaint Little Garden

ACNH Quaint Little Garden

This garden is very Jane-Austen in its aesthetic. It has a combination of pumpkins, bushes and flowers with the stone pathway, fountain and duck that make it interesting to look at. The variety of potted plants helps give this garden depth as well as keep it from looking too neat or uniformed. Perfect for an overgrown or secret area!

8/50. ACNH Whimsical Jungle Path

ACNH Whimsical Jungle Path

Here’s an idea for that awkward pathway you just don’t know what to do with! This would make the best beach path, because of its custom walkway and ALL of the flowers. Add some palm trees, bamboo, or whatever else you like – it’ll look stunning!

9/50. ACNH Tropical Outdoor Pool

ACNH Tropical Outdoor Pool

The unfortunate reality is that swimming in New Horizons isn’t possible. But don’t let that stop you from building your own pool! It’s all about the custom paths with this idea, and there are plenty of codes online if physically designing the tiles yourself isn’t your speed. Surrounding it with lounge chairs to chill, and some floaties or pool toys is also a good idea too!

10/50. ACNH Roadside Flower Shop

ACNH Roadside Flower Shop

This is achieved through custom tiles, of course. Filling up the area with plenty of trees and flowers helps, but also letting weeds grow a little is a good idea too. It’s important to hide the design until you really stumble across it! But no matter how you’d wanna build yours, this is a super fun idea! Mushrooms and stumps also help to make it look like an organic forest.

11/50. ACNH Fairytale Forest

ACNH Fairytale Forest

This looks like a magical place to fish and catch butterflies, insects, and star fragments. Everything about it is pink with whimsical flair!

12/50. ACNH Elegant Sitting Room

ACNH Elegant Sitting Room

On your island, the outside areas are important of course. But we can’t forget about the inside of our houses! This gorgeous sitting room has a white theme that makes it look bright and open. With details like a gramophone, piano, and teddy bear friends in this space – it’s perfect for just to sit down with tea or catch up with friends over cookies.

13/50. ACNH Gown Shop

ACNH Gown Shop

For those of you who like dresses as much as I do, this is definitely something to jump on since one of the most fun customization options in this game is designing and wearing your own clothes! The color scheme, items, dresses, and backdrops all combine together beautifully-and look perfect against each other. A few candles would provide a lovely glow for nighttime shopping too -pink roses are always a plus!

14/50. ACNH Froggy Shrine

ACNH Froggy Shrine

This fun and adorable build utilizes Japanese items with a neat twist: it’s all for the frog. You’ll pay your respects, leave an offering, and light candles to provide good lighting for this lil guy as you pass by.

15/50. ACNH Spring Picnic

ACNH Spring Picnic

As the weather gets warmer, I want to go on a cute picnic with my friends in this great location. It has plenty of flowers, both growing and arranged; they make it cheerful while brightening up the spot. The open picnic basket provides all you need for your supplies (food) including fruits and sandwiches that can easily be shared by everyone who joins you. And just looking at the sun shining down is sure to provide an enjoyable experience!

16/50. ACNH Scarlet Apiary

ACNH Scarlet Apiary

You may think of bees normally as being yellow or orange, but this particular apiary uses red bee houses and flowers to have a unique look. An interesting idea for turning an awkward little corner into something special.

17/50. ACNH Laundry Spot

ACNH Laundry Spot

This is a fantastic addition to New Horizons. While washers and dryers are available in the camp, they aren’t as fun as washing clothes using an old-fashioned washboard in natural water with a good old-fashioned wringer! Let’s get it done by hanging our laundry from trees or bushes nearby! We also have a pump for when we can’t find any running water close enough to use like that. Thankfully chores might be less exciting than other things on this island but there’s plenty of nice views, pleasant flowers, and the warmth of sunshine–oh boy does that ever make chores bearable even if you always end up doing them anyway?

18/50. ACNH Gothic Bedroom

ACNH Gothic Bedroom

There are plenty of people that like a Gothic style, and they would love this witchy bedroom idea. It has some red embossed wallpaper, edgy hanging plants for decor, fluffy rugs with the appearance of being comfortable and somber radio music (or screamo). The best part about it is that anyone can make it happen by using their own designs or themes!

19/50. ACNH Cozy Living Room

ACNH Cozy Living Room

A lot of things can be used for decoration, including fruits and flowers, candles and cups. You could decorate around with some seasonal items like pumpkins or other beautiful decorations in the fall! In spring you could decorate with flower cuttings or even ice sculptures using your creativity.

20/50. ACNH Seaside Camper Van

ACNH Seaside Camper Van

Who doesn’t love when game players create items that just don’t exist in-game? This player purposely made custom panels, a bench, and a shelf to build an outdoor tent. This idea is the ultimate seaside getaway if you need to disconnect from your island for some peace and quiet. It’s the best place for snorkeling or catching bugs! You could enjoy this cozy spot with friends or by yourself – either way it’ll be perfect!

21/50. ACNH Outdoor Breakfast Nook

ACNH Outdoor Breakfast Nook

When you want to eat breakfast with friends and villagers, go to this darling riverside spot. You’ll find that the warm smells of fresh cooking will pull people in, while mismatched seating provides an approachable atmosphere for beginners. The fruit tree nearby is also a bonus!

22/50. ACNH Outdoor Classroom

ACNH Outdoor Classroom

The villagers are so dumb that one could only lose some of their items. This is exactly why an outdoor classroom must be established for these children to learn about the ABCs in, even if they write them wrong on the chalkboard. There’s homework waiting for you when you get back from recess and Professor Sledge has a book stash in this build just for reading at anytime during your free time On second thought, please make it back by day two of class!

23/50. ACNH Coconut Farm

ACNH Coconut Farm

Sometimes when we see fruit production on New Horizons, it’s the other fruit trees since they have a higher sale price. This coconut farm is so refreshing – and just makes way more sense, since this is a tropical island! It’s an adorable little setup with boards for chopping open the tasty fruits to make them into delicious drinks by the beach. Coconuts grow quickly enough that you’ll never run out of stock. Just add some rocks and boards to bring things together if you’re thinking of recreating this at home! At least next time Gulliver washes up on your island he’ll have something in his tummy thanks to you!

24/50. ACNH Cozy Library

ACNH Cozy Library

I love plants, so this living room is perfect for me. It’s my dream come true, with all the plant prints everywhere! There are a lot of sofa options here- I like the green one in particular. Whatever color you decide to go with it should look great too!

25/50. ACNH Palm Reader’s Hideaway

ACNH Palm Reader’s Hideaway

This is a perfect build for your island if you want to make it look like a commercial beach. With all the extra rugs that don’t fit with your house style, place them on the sand as makeshift blankets or as additional shading devices. Add accessories such as palm trees, umbrellas and surfboards to give some more natural vegetation around you while still having fun activities like balls, sandcastles and showers available in case of an emergency! The co-looking planks are also great additions because they remind people of boardwalks which may add interest if placed by water’s edge.

26/50. ACNH Kimono Shop

ACNH Kimono Shop

This starry, dreamy bedroom is adorable! It’s messy in the best way, with personal items like a football or books scattered around. A teddy bear keeps watch over the lucky dreamer from a distance as he/she gets ready for bed. If you like to look at stars and have your own telescope handy then this might just be the room for you! Also, does anyone else think that bed looks cozy? Maybe it’s just me…

27/50. ACNH Farmer’s Market

ACNH Farmer’s Market

If you want to boost your star rating, but don’t know what can be used, try a farmer’s market build! All you need are some tables or acnh stall design that don’t have to match and put them together. Then plop whatever on the table for your villagers to inspect.

28/50. ACNH Classic Treehouse

ACNH Classic Treehouse

Hey, is mercury in retrograde?

Come check out your life and love lines at this awe-inspiring seaside spot. Not only does it hold a seer’s session, but also serves as a great place to watch meteor showers! Plenty of star fragments add to the lunar vibe; candles make it perfect for late night visits after dark. Invite your friends over and read their palms or dine on divine meals – be careful if you’re reading tarot cards though: don’t let an ominous Tower card ruin what could have been a perfectly good friendship.

29/50. ACNH Canyon Trail

ACNH Canyon Trail

This is such a cool build! It’s really unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, and it looks so cozy. If I had this as a kid my mom would have never gotten me inside probably because all the kids in my neighborhood would be trying to get their hands on it too! This is an amazing place to hang out with friends and also other acnh neighborhood ideas, as there’s plenty of room for everyone- including something cozy for those who want to study or sleep over. You just need protection from any wasps that happen by; they’re not very friendly around here.

30/50. ACNH Secret Beach

ACNH Secret Beach

Here is a creative and challenging trail design. This one replicates the look of a canyon with rocks placed in strategic areas to add interest. There are also some flowers that add color without being too overpowering. The important thing with this build is terraforming, which creates varied terrain by adding slopes or levels over flat land and looking natural when done properly!

31/50. ACNH Brilliant Stone Garden

ACNH Brilliant Stone Garden

You can build this at your own secret beach, which may or may not be where Redd’s boat is docked. You’ll need some cushions, barrels with plants on them and miscellaneous stuff like paint cans and a few other items that go together (like golf balls) to make the design work. If you have any spare art items, put those down too! This would also be a great spot to place anything extra in case of rain – if it’s waterproof!

32/50. ACNH Starry Bedroom

ACNH Starry Bedroom

This stone garden is absolutely beautiful to look at. With all sorts of rocks, from standard ones to Rapa Nui heads, it’s a great place to put the rocks that you have: hitting every day or just collecting and not knowing how best to use them! It’s beautifully overgrown and natural looking. So if you want a very natural island with no need for building out (unless you want an endless supply of Bricks I suppose), this build is definitely one worth considering.

33/50. ACNH Pompompurin Tiki Bar

ACNH Pompompurin Tiki Bar

This is yet another great idea for a Japanese themed island! This gorgeous little shop sells all sorts of kimonos, yukatas and dresses. Beautiful displays are framed by stalls with cherry blossoms and classic paintings. It’s an amazing spot, very classy – if you have one in your commercial area!

34/50. ACNH Rooftop Pool

ACNH Rooftop Pool

In New Horizons, there aren’t any real children. However, they have given us so many adorable items that we just have to pretend. This incredible set is made up of a variety of different villager portraits and chairs from the Pompompurin set. It also has lockers and craft supplies for the kids to enjoy!

35/50. ACNH Woodland Pond

ACNH Woodland Pond

This idea is perfect for those who have a cute island and want to find ways to decorate their outside area without fully committing. It looks like loving work if you are the DIY type with some architectural design skills, although it will also require some hands-on time in order to assemble all of the items into place.

36/50. ACNH Tourist Beach

ACNH Tourist Beach

What beautiful library decor! This is a perfect spot for bibliophiles to come, and it’s easy to make your own with items you already have. If you’ve got a teacup, just throw it in there – accidental purchases are the best kind of purchase. It looks really good at night when lit up by candles – so watch out for eye strain!

37/50. ACNH New Horizons Preschool

ACNH New Horizons Preschool

I adore this pond build because of its sheer level of detail. The ducks, turtles and fish fit into the water just as well as flowers and plants! It looks even better with all the custom tiles that you can use to place whatever animals they could design into it. A great example is using a “water terraforming tool” which would only show water in this kind of situation but doesn’t allow for any customization beyond what type or how much there was.

38/50. ACNH Forestcore Cafe

ACNH Forestcore Cafe

Maybe think about adding your own ACNH custom café ideas, like this creative build. This player combined both ideas with great success by using items like the iron garden dining set, some customized stalls and plenty of plants.

I don’t know about you, but I always seem to have too many cups in this game! Teacups, coffee cups – it doesn’t matter. Make use of them by placing them at tables in a build or these cool buildings that are the perfect size for tea parties! Add on an espresso maker and you’re all set!

39/50. ACNH Sophie Hatter’s Millinery

ACNH Sophie Hatter’s Millinery

Imagine a rooftop pool room. This build uses wallpaper, a rug and plenty of lounge chairs to give the illusion that you are on an actual roof with real water near by. The addition of some floating toys like pool floaties or balls as well as convenience items like towels really help to make this space feel more lifelike for guests without having to get out the work themselves!

40/50. ACNH Player’s Castle

ACNH Player’s Castle

If you’re a Ghibli fan, this player’s workstation is inspired by Sophie Hatter’s in Howl’s Moving Castle. The milliner has placed all the hats they have on an old wooden table in front of the window to create their workspace. It was a great idea for newer and veteran players alike!

41/50. ACNH Scenic Pond

ACNH Scenic Pond

This player used custom panels to turn their humble home into a whole castle – with little details like reindeer pulling a carriage and fountain. With this creative idea, you can live the life of your dreams with ease!

42/50. ACNH Sleeping Totoro

ACNH Sleeping Totoro

Here is another design of a pond. It has an adorable bridge with some pretty flowers, and the best part – there’s a pagoda! You don’t have to go far here because there are also fish, trees, and even bug catching opportunities. There is waterfalls near by too! Finally for those who love custom stone paths that add personality – this build has them all over the place!

43/50. ACNH Indigo Dreams Campsite

ACNH Indigo Dreams Campsite

This beautiful campsite is purple in every shade and scapes out a great spot for fishing, hanging with friends and so much more–it’s no wonder that it attracts plenty of rare villagers. The sky over this landscape looks amazing because it goes on forever, but I bet there are some meteor showers happening too!

44/50. ACNH Nifty Bathroom

ACNH Nifty Bathroom

This adorable little roadside flower shop is a great addition to your city or village street. They have just a couple of stalls, some small potted plants and wheelbarrow of flowers or two that you can see for yourself, but what’s even better (and all this will be on your own island) is the villagers who stroll by and inspect everything!

45/50. ACNH Mermaid Princess’ Bedroom

ACNH Mermaid Princess’ Bedroom

You can make your own personal witch or wizard lab, just like this one! This alchemy lab has all the ingredients you need to get started with some potion and spell crafting. You might want to include a tarot set in there, or whatever else really inspires you. There’s even space for spare hats on the mantle above it and on the bookshelves that come included so feel free to get creative!

46/50. ACNH Winter Wonderland

ACNH Winter Wonderland

If you love pastel colors or if you like ACNH mermaids, this is a great build idea to try out. The items can be found through diving and finding scallops which are traded for pearls that are needed to craft the items with (and DIYs for Pearled Scallop Shell), and we’ve shared plenty of ideas already perfect for your Mermaid-themed room! It’s also an adorable space; perfect to shoot photos in!

47/50. ACNH Tiana’s Place

ACNH Tiana’s Place

This Disney themed coastal build is an adorable nod to Tiana, the titular Princess and the Frog. The level of detail in this version of New Orleans is fantastic! All the green really fits well with something related to frogs such as their habitats, while having it over a pond – just some custom paths- makes for another cute detail! Since there are so many great details here that need mentioning, you should call on K.K. Slider himself and have him strum some tunes while diners enjoy fresh Louisiana desserts and snacks at your new restaurant!

48/50. ACNH Retro Pizzeria and Diner

ACNH Retro Pizzeria and Diner

This adorable park features a bench, lanterns and shishi odoshi. It is located next to the waterfall and it’s fairly easy to find by following the path towards the pagoda. Check out our cool design!

49/50. ACNH Abandoned Shipping Yard

ACNH Abandoned Shipping Yard

The idea of creating an abandoned shipping yard is something I have never heard before. It seems to be a great way to promote your product and make it new, exciting, and interesting which will lead people into the store you are promoting in order to purchase this amazing design..

50/50. ACNH Alchemist’s Lab

ACNH Alchemist’s Lab

Here’s a really fun idea for your bathroom: Build this tub in front of the sink. It would be so relaxing to come back home after a long day and relax in here! You’ll love having plenty of storage space and nice amenities, plus you’ll have plants on hand. And if you do go outside, there will always be mats available just around the corner!

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