Animal Crossing New Horizons Graveyard Design Ideas & Cemeteries

10 Animal Crossing New Horizons Graveyard Design Ideas & Cemeteries

A new type of grave marker has emerged: Western-style stones that look like tombstones. They’re easy to install and you can even make your own cemetery if you want. Take a look at some of my favorite graveyard designs. I’ve collected some to help you get started designing your own creepy cemetery.

1/10. ACNH Forest Cemetery

ACNH Forest Cemetery

cemetery in the forest is a serene and meditative place to hold a quiet and peaceful memorial service. This design uses a custom wooden plank. The plank is laid down in a path that spirals around the area. To keep the forest feeling natural, add trees of different kinds and Western-style stones situated at each corner. Scatter candles throughout the area.

2/10. ACNH Elegant Graveyard

ACNH Elegant Graveyard

Everyone needs a place to bury the dead. But people don’t always have room in their island for a big cemetery. So they have to use a simpler approach. Build a small graveyard on your land with this simple method. First, build an iron fence around a patch of land, rounded at the edges with a pattern down the middle of stone flooring. Then add some stones and flowers to add the final touch.

3/10. ACNH Hilltop Cemetery

ACNH Hilltop Cemetery

he cemetery gives me the heebie jeebies. Is this place even open to tourists? I don’t know, but if it isn’t, you can always build your own. First, choose an area and mark it out with iron fences. Now, you need lots of Western-style stones—you can place these inside the area in any pattern you like.

4/10. ACNH Fallen Villagers

ACNH Fallen Villagers

here’s a place on your island where you can pay homage to your favorite villagers. The graveyard is an artistic way to remember your fallen friends. Lay down a thick iron fence to mark the area of your graveyard, then place stone flooring and small squares for each tombstone. Display photos of your lost friends on each tombstone and you’ll find yourself with a big, sad smile on your face.

5/10. ACNH Mega Tomb

ACNH Mega Tomb

If you want to seize the attention of your visitors, consider this fun tombstone design. It takes up four of the eight available incline spots on a project, but it’s a great way to spark interest in your project. To begin, create a square cliff with an incline on one side, and then add another incline on the opposite side. Finally, add tall lanterns on top and add a stone border around the entire area.

6/10. ACNH Skeleton Grave

ACNH Skeleton Grave

The first step in fitting a custom design slot is to create an outline of the design. This design needs to be built around a hole in the ground, making sure that it is on top of a few blocks of a certain material. Another useful tip is to make sure your custom design fits around the hole at all times.

7/10. ACNH Tiny Cemetery

ACNH Tiny Cemetery

You may have a small piece of land, but no problem. You can still have a graveyard — a spooky cemetery for all to see. A great way to make the graveyard is to section off an area and create a line of stones. To connect the stones, create a path, then add some flowers outside the entrance. The black tulips are beautiful and a great addition to your design.

8/10. ACNH Glowing Cemetery

ACNH Glowing Cemetery

t’s very important to make your cemetery as spooky as possible. To do this, go with a custom path that swirls around the area. Line the edges of your cemetery with plenty of stones and flowers – some of which are western style. And don’t forget to put the valiant statue in the center. It’ll look spookily spectacular on any evening.

9/10. ACNH Spooky Graveyard

ACNH Spooky Graveyard

The graveyard serves as a resting place for the dead and a reminder of the company’s desire to make customers happy. The Graveyard is made up of western-style stone floors (or slab) and is filled with various types of spooky hats and candles. In case the customer likes to celebrate ACNH Halloween longer, you can even scatter some hay bales around the inside of the graveyard.

10/10. ACNH Graveyard Multi Level

ACNH Graveyard Multi Level

Now, here is a super spooky island. Create cliffs by stacking colored rocks, add waterfalls that run down the cliff edges, and decorate with western-style stones and fences. Add tea lights to the cliffs for an eerie glow.

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