25 Animal Crossing New Horizons Fairy Island & Fairycore Ideas

25 Animal Crossing New Horizons Fairy Island & Fairycore Ideas

This is a living document for artists, crafters, and shop owners who want to be inspired by the whimsical magic that is Animal Crossing New Horizons. From dryads to pixies to brownies, I make no judgements: the New Horizons aesthetic is for everyone. This list is here to give you a few good ideas on what you can do with your supplies, to help you build an incredible store in whatever style best fits your own!

1/25. ACNH Snow Fairy Mermaid Cafe

ACNH Snow Fairy Mermaid Cafe

There are many myths that mermaids fall under the broad outline of fae in European mythology. This cafe has a lot of items from the collection, and even some DIY recipes for you to give Pascal (the otter) scallops while diving. You can find everything from pastel pinks to blues at this cute café! Your villagers will love taking up residence on that comfy couch too, and having a slice of cake or coffee if they don’t want sweet things!

2/25. ACNH Waggish Woods

ACNH Waggish Woods

These magical forests have no such thing as a curse, but do contain lots of trees with star-shaped leaves and flowers! You can also enjoy your time in this forest without worrying about getting cursed because the path is made out of stone! Not to mention it features an adorable bird bath for some peace and quiet.

3/25. ACNH Wonderland Tea Party

ACNH Wonderland Tea Party

Now this adorable build looks like a cafe on a cloud! If you’ve made it this far down the ACNH rabbit hole, you’ll be greeted by this tea party. It’s all pastel colors, unicorns and rainbows – not to mention loads of stars. Ooohhh…

It even has little mad hatters in attendance! No wonder there are so many visitors here too – who can resist these cupcakes?

All joking aside though; don’t eat the fairy cakes (i’m just kidding!). The cakes do look tasty but I wouldn’t risk it: they may seem harmless but my advice is always to skip dessert when at a restaurant especially if its’ something that seems less than healthy or appealing….

4/25. ACNH Nature Fae Bedroom

ACNH Nature Fae Bedroom

For fairies who love being outside, but don’t want to sleep outside, this design can be a perfect compromise. This outdoor-themed bedroom helps you feel close to nature without the disadvantages of waking up in a forested area. The woodland wallpaper here provides an added sense of spaciousness for such a small room and is sure to make any dryad or forest fae happy!

5/25. ACNH Fairycore Woods

ACNH Fairycore Woods

The fae seem to enjoy the forest! Perhaps it’s because they don’t fear getting lost in their own world of magic, or maybe they’re just tired of all of the humans, but they’ve taken up residence in this magical place.

6/25. ACNH Bright Brook

ACNH Bright Brook

I had the pleasure of fishing here for a few hours last week. Pretty stunning place to catch some fish! The trail system is very nicely done and well-mapped, and I can’t wait to explore more on my next visit! The cupcake doesn’t look as red in person as it does in that picture — perhaps it will be easier to resist temptation? But who am I kidding; this cake looks delicious in real life, too.

7/25. ACNH Pastel Tea Dainty

ACNH Pastel Tea Dainty

Fairy food isn’t just for fairies anymore thanks to a super-cute new tea setup that puts fairy tales and toys on display. Cute pastel colors, soft lighting and mismatched chairs give this Easter brunch the feeling of a magical tea party. Guests will never want to leave!

8/25. ACNH Lunar Bridge

ACNH Lunar Bridge

Not only does the area feel magical and inviting, but it also has a bit of mystery about it. The forest floor is unique with glowing mushrooms, celestial fae vibes are strong here, and the flowers surrounding this bridge give an overgrown feel that would make for perfect stargazing. This spot makes everyone’s inner fairy come out to play!

9/25. ACNH Fairy Campsite

ACNH Fairy Campsite

I bet you’d love to stay in this colorful campground, then! The cherry blossoms, flowers and mushrooms will be a feast for your eyes, while the mushroom-lit reindeer will keep your campsite safe during the night. This one’s got a rope bridge that you can use as an entryway (or exit!), while the cliffs are great for keeping out those bad fae that would do you harm.

10/25. ACNH Fairy Garden Indoor

ACNH Fairy Garden Indoor

The best place to read books on rainy days is by the pond with your favourite snack! The little island cottage means you can escape into a world of imagination — or simply take a break from everyday life. It’s got a bit of everything: a fireplace, pond, indoor-outdoor feel, decorative statues, and even cherry blossoms and monstera plants!

11/25. ACNH Fairy Shrine

ACNH Fairy Shrine

The Unexpected Stone Garden is the perfect home for your most beloved fauna and flora. This whimsical build has a stone statue surrounded by a ring of many different types of stones with flowers around them in the middle of a pine forest.

12/25. ACNH Fairy Room

ACNH Fairy Room

Stacked with bowls of knick-knacks, psychedelic paintings and plants, and framed photos, this room is a treasure trove of wonder. Its mood lighting adds to the small home’s overall aesthetic appeal. A whimsical ceramic crescent moon hangs above a cabinet to create some space for a few more knick-knacks that are guaranteed to make you smile.

13/25. ACNH Bridge Fairycore Magic

ACNH Bridge Fairycore Magic

The flowers are so pretty that they make you want to take a picture. The bright stars and mushrooms give it some real fairy tale magic when the sunset, which is perfect for day or night. To visitors on El Segundo Island in Mexico with cameras, this spot is a must stop!

14/25. ACNH Outdoor Movie Theater

ACNH Outdoor Movie Theater

Fairycore vibes have been present the entire time. Those who are hoping to see a great movie will be delighted by this outdoor space that doubles as an area for picnics, with comfy blankets and ukulele-equipped areas nearby in case they want some music while watching the show! There’s many sparkly things like mushrooms or stars scattered around too, giving it a great magical feeling!

15/25. ACNH Adventure Road

ACNH Adventure Road

Arch-way fairies are tricky, but garden arch-ways (such as this one) lead you to adventures where you never know what’s in store! They can seem super inviting with all the flowers, trees and stars decorating it — but that’s how fairies lure you into trying their wares. And while they’ll never say no to a bit of fun, they’re not exactly the types who trust others easily.

16/25. ACNH Fairycore Yard

ACNH Fairycore Yard

How cute! This yard has a more “magical” feel to it, with its cozy and low-key layout that is nothing but calm and relaxing. There are tons of flowers in the yard, which makes this place look almost too good for kids to be playing on. The duck resting on the side of the mini island also adds some added charm to this spot as well! Also there’s a swinging bench located here so you can read by yourself or like people who are trying their best not act silly while they sit down – reading time yet? We don’t know about your mom, but we hope she likes these garden ideas just as much as we do–and even if she doesn’t one day soon you’ll have these cool locations all picked out for her new house project from which ever position suits her best:).

17/25. ACNH Fairy Mini Library

ACNH Fairy Mini Library

This adorable woodland book stash is located beneath a cherry tree. It’s surrounded by colorful flowers and daisies, as well as a gnome-a commonly accepted type of fae. There’s even an outdoor stool to help you sit down and start reading with ease!

18/25. ACNH Whimsical Walkway

ACNH Whimsical Walkway

The outdoor space is beautiful and filled with trees, flowers, plants and rocks. The waterfalls are awesome along with the waterfall-esque mushrooms on the island’s walkway. Creative uses of stairs as well as a cliff builder make for interesting levels that also create unique visual moments in this destination. Be sure to not eat any food you find because there might be fae about! .

19/25. ACNH Fairy Falls

ACNH Fairy Falls

What a wonderful design! It’s subtle, but just the right amount. This path oozes beauty in its simplicity and is enhanced by pavers in the shape of a moon and beautiful flowers to it. You should take note of how this type of design can be used with other equally great fairycore mushroom motifs! Just make sure not to end up in that river for laughs from mischievous fairies!

20/25. ACNH Fairy Exterior

ACNH Fairy Exterior

Although it is often thought of as a mythical creature, the fairy has been found to exist. They have been seen in many different places by many different people. They are similar to humans except they are much smaller. One of the most popular fairy homes is the one pictured to the right. This fairy home has all the classic fairy things that one would expect. Its red roof and flower covered exterior is typical of these magical characters.

21/25. ACNH Fairycore Village

ACNH Fairycore Village

This meadow is a lovely spot where you can toss a coin into a magical wishing well or feed some fish in the brook nearby. The world has been wonderfully terraformed by the designers, who opted to fill the area with flowers and butterflies to create a rural feel. It’s a place that proves that not every design has to be playful — sometimes, old-fashioned elegance is just as good!

22/25. ACNH Magical Entrance

ACNH Magical Entrance

This is an entrance to a fairycore build that using placements of mushrooms symmetrical and light flowers. The dark color scheme helps make design stand out against the rest of the possible options, especially when you compare it with some other island entrance ideas all pinks and girlys. For more fairytale themed entrances, please take a look at our list to such designs!

23/25. ACNH Yellowcore Fairycore

ACNH Yellowcore Fairycore

Most fairy builds rely on pastel colors like pink, green, and blue. This build is yellow with a whole array of beautiful flowers and other objects to match it. It’s the perfect amount of natural as well! With no obstacles or anything but plants, this build really lights up at night-an impressive feat for some things that are supposed to be “invisible.”.

24/25. ACNH Services of Fairy Resident

ACNH Services of Fairy Resident

So, let’s admit it: Residential Services is boring. You can’t change or remove them from the Animal Crossing game. This player, on the other hand, made the best of a drab structure. transforming its walkway into something creative to make it seem more interesting! The mushrooms are lit up beautifully on this path with cool lighting effects that creates an amazing ambiance for playing on here. There is also terraforming involved in order to form some beautiful shapes and structures along the path!

25/25. ACNH Magical Fairy Garden

ACNH Magical Fairy Garden

Unique is a word that has been repeated in this article, and that’s not by mistake. What makes ACNH’s products special is their unique vision of combining tabletop gaming with the love of nature. Take a look at this fairy garden: made from the same materials found in stone paths, it gives the impression of a place where fairies and other magical creatures might be hiding – but only for those brave enough to take a closer look.

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