Animal Crossing New Horizons Entrance Ideas

23 Animal Crossing New Horizons Entrance Ideas & Designs

When users come to your island first they will see is your front gate. So you want it stand out! But what if you don’t know where to begin? If that’s the case, I have some ideas for you: when in need of ACNH entrance Ideas, here are my list of adorable designs that would be perfect for ya! Just take a look at them.

1/24. ACNH Fairy Lights Entrance

ACNH Fairy Lights Entrance

To create that totally imaginary fairy entrance, you might want to take a look at this. If it’s the right kind of feel for your island, then try this mix of cliffs and cascading waterfalls. You can customize a path to get into the depths of it as well! Then scatter around some trees and flowers so that your entrance is natural looking. For some further magic- you could add in hyacinth lamps or butterfly models from Flick!

2/24. ACNH Moon Landing

ACNH Moon Landing

Come visit our charming “welcome” sign, a simple yet symmetrical setup that gives visitors an welcome. It only takes two sides to create this entrance and even the middle is identical. We have chosen a path for you with our airport leading through the two cliffs at each side of your island’s entryway. To complete it all, select your favorite items and add them in! Our crescent moons will greet guests on either side of the waterfall we’ve added too!

3/24. ACNH Concrete Jungle

ACNH Concrete Jungle

This urban city creation is perfect for new islands or ones with a huge amount of concrete. It comes with trash cans, vending machines and other transport pieces to create the impression of an actual island! On top of this, it has some final touches that make the main feature just that – complete.

4/24. ACNH Cherry Blossom

ACNH Cherry Blossom

For those who love cherry blossom trees, the Pink Entrance gives them everything they need to create their dream entrance. From custom paths and lanterns down to pink flowers that tie in with the theme, it is a garden paradise for anyone looking for more than just plants.

5/24. ACNH Jungle Feels

ACNH Jungle Feels

This lush entryway theme will welcome all guests to your tropical island. A host of coconut trees and colorful flowers will make it feel like the islands you visit are always within reach during the hottest months, while fruit trees incorporated into a beach area will reflect your love for everything that is sunny and fun in summertime. In addition to welcoming guests, add a custom-designed welcome sign too so people can be reminded at every turn that they have entered paradise on earth!

6/24. ACNH Zen Garden

ACNH Zen Garden

If you have a zen garden theme going on, this entrance will go perfect with it. Be sure to line your shore with heaps of bamboo trees and bamboo partitions so that everything is kept in its place. You can also lay down a path heading into your island, adding some stone steps leading up to the first level for that temple look. And don’t forget about those cherry blossom lanterns!

7/24. ACNH Mushroom City

ACNH Mushroom City

With this fairy-tale path, your visitors will feel like they’ve stepped straight into a fantasy. With the magical theme you set in place with custom patterning and all of its required woodland creatures along the way, you can’t go wrong! Mushroom lamps are an essential feature to add. Furthermore, hardwood trees and shrubs and flowers complete your forest look!

8/24. ACNH Faux Bridge

ACNH Faux Bridge

I love this entrance with all its additional small islands. The design is simple yet looks amazing and easy to complete! If you’ve already used the maximum number of bridges on your island, then these rivers will act as bridges. You can also create stepping stones or tiny islands within the rivers that connect the airport to your main island or add nova lights and star fragments for a beautiful ambiance in contrast with dark water textures on either side! Or even plant some trees around it if you like – I think they’d go perfectly beside those pretty ledges at each corner of your main island!!!

9/24. ACNH The Courtyard

ACNH The Courtyard

I’m actually living for this courtyard entrance! A custom flooring design is first needed to make a shape that looks like the one you want, with trees and statues around. Floor lanterns are also recommended, as they will light up during the evening. Cute benches in the middle ensure plenty of seating too and iron fencing along edges completes off your new courtyard entrance beautifully.

10/24. ACNH Icy Wonderland

ACNH Icy Wonderland

I’m feeling the chill just looking at this amazing icy entrance! I think a two-tier waterfall works well, just be sure to top them off with some ice sculptures overlooking the island. Team it all up with an array of different blue flowers and shrubs, or trees for bonus points if it happens to be snowing.

11/24. ACNH Disco Lights

ACNH Disco Lights

This entrance will have your guests feeling the disco! Palm lamps, dance floor and a checkerboard pattern all make for an amazing design piece. If you want to make it smaller or if you’re interested in making one giant sign – go for it.

This is just one of many designs that could be created with this wonderful set of palm lamps as well as the 30-minute DIY welcome mat tutorial included in our package!

12/24. ACNH Rainbow Island

ACNH Rainbow Island

This vivid array of flowers is the perfect colorful entrance idea that can be made in a matter of minutes. Just create some cliffs in any way you like, and don’t forget to leave a little pathway into your island as well! Once that’s done, you can cover the top with lots of different types/colors of plants for an ultimate rainbow welcome path!

13/24. ACNH The Statue in the Forest

ACNH The Statue in the Forest

A dramatic entrance makes a statement. It’s the first thing that people see when they enter your home, and it should be eye-catching.

To make an impact with an entranceway, carefully lay down some brick paths and fill the edges of your walkway with flowers or hedges to illuminate it while also adding lamp posts to light up the way; then set up steps leading guests into a large space – put in lights if desired – at one end of this grandiose area so you can create character right away!

If you don’t have access to trees onsite but want more foliage throughout your garden, place artificial plants around for instant greenery. Place statues where visitors will see them as soon as they walk in.

14/24. ACNH Japanese Garden

ACNH Japanese Garden

This Japanese-inspired entrance idea is simply beautiful, right?
Just imagine the rest of your office space with a custom path leading up to it! This can easily be recreated by creating some cherry blossom items and designing simple panels for them. Don’t forget about adding trees at either side of the path too! With this look in mind, you could create an entryway that would work just as well during fall season.

15/24. ACNH Botanical Entrance

ACNH Botanical Entrance Image Source by @sagebaycrossing

Get your forest theme alive with this super green and natural entrance. Be sure to add hardwood and cedar trees around the area first before planting any flowers or rocks in between them. Rustic pathways also keep this entry looking natural, too! This is the perfect spot for a hiking trail; make sure visitors are wearing sensible footwear, though!

16/24. ACNH Cottagecore Entry

ACNH Cottagecore Entry

This cottagecore entrance has a lot going on. It feels so cozy and old-fashioned, like it’s from another era! I love the way the jail bars have been used to bring out that feeling of nostalgia for me. Who said they always have to be for jail? Maybe you could put some barrels in it – along with an antique looking items or park bench or suitcase – and make a lake that flows through your area. You can even finish this look with one of those wooden bridges connecting your front door to what’s behind it (so all the elements feel connected).

17/24. ACNH Tropical Entryway

ACNH Tropical Entryway

Here’s what I would call a totally amazing entrance! We’ve created two-tiered cliffs and decorated the top level with pyramids. Then, we used the cliffs to create a path leading through from your airport to your island; next, we lined up coconut trees along their edges. You can make this even more incredible by adding an arched stone pathway as well – it’ll be like walking under an archway of trees! You can even customize your stone arch into mossy rocks for that extra rainforest vibe.

18/24. ACNH Super Greens

ACNH Super Greens

This entrance is every plant lover’s daydream. The geometric style of the rock and path leading to a third cliff in the center, with greenery covering it all, makes us imagine ourselves living here. Be sure to add lots of plants and flowers so that this space feels alive! It’s also important not to forget benches for those who want more seating options (and an area where one can sit back while they admire their creation!).

19/24. ACNH Gold Fields

ACNH Gold Fields

This golden field is one of my favorite entrances to the park. Its mix of gold and yellow flowers, as well as a variety of nova lights at night, makes for an eclectic environment that’s both stunning and visually engaging. You can also add waterfalls around the cliffs which excellently complement this beautiful scenery! Don’t forget to capture the moon in your background so it has just enough light on its own (and gives you a larger canvas), too!

20/24. ACNH Botanical Entrance

ACNH Botanical Entrance Image Source by @_LunarLeo

Get your forest theme alive with this super green and natural entrance. Be sure to add hardwood and cedar trees around the area first before planting any flowers or rocks in between them. Rustic pathways also keep this entry looking natural, too! This is the perfect spot for a hiking trail; make sure visitors are wearing sensible footwear, though!

21/24. ACNH Bright Lights

ACNH Bright Lights

This entrance looks great in the dark night! You will need to build a set of cliffs two tiers high, along with some waterfalls and novas. To complete this look, you’ll also have to add crescent moons and even a full moon.

22/24. ACNH Waterfalls

An impressive waterfall is always a nice touch. So why not put one right at the entrance of your island? Add some flowers and fruit trees to it so visitors can enjoy them as they come in! Add some lamp posts to the side just before you airport, too, then use lights on your cliffs and apple trees for added effect. Your guests will be impressed from outside!

23/24. ACNH Simple Flower Forest

ACNH Simple Flower Forest

If terraforming isn’t really your thing, you should create a simple entrance for yourself. All you’ll need to do is pick out a custom design, have some flowering shrubs lining the edges of the stone path and throw in a few hardwood trees down at one side. Next up? Add some lamp posts as well as wood fences – it’s that easy!

24/24. ACNH Mermaid Falls

ACNH Mermaid Falls

This is my ultimate favorite entrance by far. And it’s not as complicated to re-create as you might think!
Choose your favorite mermaid custom design, and line the sides of your path with shrubs. Add flowers or other decorations on top of the steppingstones for a beautiful backdrop.

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