ACNH Cottagecore Design Ideas

29 Best ACNH Cottagecore Design Ideas

Different people have different views on what makes a good community. That is why so many of the communities and servers in Animal Crossing New Horizons are customizable – one person’s idea can look completely different from another’s! In New Horizons, there has been an increase in cottagecore themes because you can create your own unique island design with ease. My friends and I went through all the ideas to find some really cool ones for anyone who wants to try them out as well! Here are some examples that we thought were great:

1/29.ACNH Orchards and Gardens

ACNH Orchards and Gardens

Grow a hybrid garden in your backyard or patio with these tiny little gardens, they give you the best chances of growing rare colored flowers in new combinations. You can even make your own fruit trees by lining them up in a grid pattern, with paths between each row and signposts for a more organized look!

2/29.ACNH Mush Area

ACNH Mush Area

I love this space because of the mushrooms and plants that are here. The small incline is also pretty cool to come across, as well as a banquette seating area I made for it. There’s even an ironwood kitchenette in case you want to craft your own cutting board or shelving unit now! Now I’m showing the fireplace and how it matches with everything else around them.

3/29.ACNH Flower Hill

ACNH Flower Hill

When you look at a top-down view of a cliff, it’s full of potential. You can create different landing areas and beautiful views with just a bit of landscaping — or even just a few plants. My secret? I like to let nature do the work for me! Check out how I use vines, fancy bushes, and tall flowers to grow my own little garden.

4/29.ACNH Hiking Path

ACNH Hiking Path

This forest bridge area is the perfect addition to your cottage core island. To create such an awesome space, just demonstrate your terraforming skills by building cliffs and waterfalls circling the bridge you’ll construct in this region.

5/29.ACNH Bridge Forest

This design isn’t what you’d expect to see on a postcard. It’s more of a beautiful addition to the island, with cedar and hardwood trees with waterfalls that join to form a single river that runs your island, filling it with vegetation.

Adding some bridges across these cliffs to connect two distinct cliffs also adds to your magnificent design. On top of the bridges, rustic goods such as plants and bicycles are placed; don’t forget to include bicycles for impromptu trips!

6/29.ACNH Pumpkin Patch

ACNH Pumpkin Patch

Kick off autumn with the Spooky Autumn Pumpkin Patches which turns the character’s front yard into a giant pumpkin patch, complete with wooden planks leading up to your front door. A cute little coffee table area will complete the look with a stack of books for the whole look together. And don’t forget about that old-timey cottagecore!

7/29.ACNH Rustic Farming

ACNH Rustic Farming

If you have an artistic flair and a love for the outdoors, why not create a garden of your own? Planting your crops in the spring and tending to them throughout the year will give something to look forward to all year long. Bring that little bit of nature right into your home!

8/29.ACNH Reading Area

ACNH Reading Area

This article tells you how to create a reading area on your island by creating custom paths, adding barrels that pop in with the overall theme, making sure there are plenty of flowers so it brings out its sunny nature and ensuring every corner has a mallard of wooden!

9/29.ACNH Forest Core Circle Path

ACNH Forest Core Circle Path

This cottage core area is the perfect addition to spice up your paths! All you need are some favorite custom path design, a small grassy circle in the center and flowers or shrubs. In this part of town they’ve even added star fragments, so it’s extra special. This cozy little corner can add character to any village home.

10/29.ACNH Cottagecore Cranny

ACNH Cottagecore Cranny

Different styles. Add a barrel and birdcage too! Iron bench or log bench, just for added authenticity! Add a seating area outside; it would be the perfect spot to enjoy the natural scenery while basking in that old country style.

11/29.ACNH Hearty Lake

ACNH Hearty Lake

You can build a heart-shaped pond to attract customers. Add some chairs for them to sit and enjoy their time outdoors with a warm drink. Remember to put in some flowers, and let’s not forget the shrubs!

12/29.ACNH Forest Picnic

ACNH Forest Picnic

This is the perfect place for a woodland picnic. It features tree trunks to serve as seats, and you can add in a table of wooden. Be sure of adding some acorns…they’re easy enough to find in any natural environment! You can add flooring designs that are endless; flowers or wood planks will take your cottage’s vibe up another notch!

13/29.ACNH Sunken Library

ACNH Sunken Library

Your house will be right near a cliff side- so now what’s stopping you? You can set up a space for living around front of your home or even add an outdoor seating area; something that has been missing from my life for too long. Use those wood furniture items to create cozy moments inside as well as outside- its just perfect! My favorite part is probably this umbrella stand – i think its such an awesome accent piece while also blending into the design nicely… no one knows how wonderful it really looks until they see it myself haha. Pouring over bookshelves on top gives me great satisfaction when I know there are lots more waiting for me below; which leads into another fave: decorating around the room with art that fits our style. This can’t get any better than this :).

14/29.ACNH Antique Island

ACNH Antique Island

Antique stores are a great place to find things that you want to decorate your island with. Why not dig into land mass of your exciting new project and give it some color? Add a table and chair at its center, then fill in the edges with all sorts of cool antique finds. It will look fabulous at night when lit up by mushroom lamps!

15/29.ACNH Laundry Area

ACNH Laundry Area

Corners of the world, unite! An awesome alternative to the ubiquitous hipster bedroom is to convert your mother’s laundry room into a vintage-chic sanctuary replete with washtubs and low lighting. Instead of an urban loft, try adding an outdoor room made from barrels and hay (or tiles and solar lamps). Then, because nobody likes muddy feet, install rustic wood planks that lead to a nearby river or lake.

16/29.ACNH Market Core

ACNH Market Core

If you have no designs for your market stall, speak a lot. She’ll get used and start giving her own designs! You can then choose the products that are best suited for your market stall(s) and line them with wooden fences as well! Don’t forget about our beautiful tree’s bounty arch at the entrance too! The plaza will soon be full of people coming in here all their shopping needs, so if it gets busy late in the day don’t worry – there will always be plenty more customers around.

17/29.ACNH Outdoor Office

ACNH Outdoor Office

This flooring looks great with the new design. Design your office to look like a library, whether you have a fireplace or not! You can create that perfect ambiance by adding some stacked books and papers scattered around as well as simple panels in file drawers, if you want. Then add plants for an extra dose of life-giving greenery.

18/29.ACNH Hidden Hangout

ACNH Hidden Hangout

This cottagecore-themed hideout is the perfect place to relax. You can invite your friends over for a much needed catchup in this adorable little hidden seating space. The best part is you can customize it with an incline step leading down into a sunken space and then add some custom brick designs for your flooring. Start decorating by adding wooden furniture and piles of books, followed by surrounding the area along tons of yellow or white flowers! Flowers are always appreciated, so make sure you put a few on that cake too! I love how inviting this looks – everything pops off from the background colors which tie in perfectly with this theme well done!!

19/29.ACNH Village Core

ACNH Village Core

In order to make your home more visually appealing, decorate the area around it with plants and flowers. You can start by filling up a small section of your yard or front porch with trees and shrubs. If you want an even bigger impact, put some big potted plants in decorative urns on each side of the door- these are perfect for giving shade in summertime! And don’t forget about those cool lights which bring light into this classic cottagecore style living room on a dark evening…or fill your house day or night!.

20/29.ACNH Campsite Picnics

ACNH Campsite Picnics

Customize a campsite sign with a description of what it is for and add an ukulele, books and more. Add some fun items like marshmallow sticks that’ll be one of our favorite additions!

21/29.ACNH Private Lake

ACNH Private Lake

I think that it is important to note that the cottagecore goals you set for yourself will be met by creating your own lake dock right outside your front door. From early morning fishing, or reading until the sun goes down, adding waterfalls flowing into a pond in which you can fish and relax on some log seating and tables; decorating with tree furniture. The last thing is make sure to have plenty of trees surrounding this area too!

22/29.ACNH Cottagecore Entrance

ACNH Cottagecore Entrance

This is an amazing way to start your island getaway. It will wow any visitors that step foot of the plane and make them feel welcome upon arrival. The custom sign and beautiful path are so cute as well! If you want, add some related items like a clothesline or old mailbox for good measure..

23/29.ACNH Stone Arch

ACNH Stone Arch

This design is simple to make, but looks amazingly complex and romantic! Build this look is by placing a stone arch between two of your cliffs. Make sure you have a winding waterfall coming down the cliffside in order for it all to tie together. By adding some custom designs on top of the grass, you can finish with just about anything that’s reminiscent of nature- logs as furniture or piles of leaves could be cool too! There’s no need for shrubs, wildlife or other decorations at this point because everything has already been taken care off with the cascading waters and greenery from above..

24/29.ACNH Campsite Core

ACNH Campsite Core

When it comes to a campsite, there aren’t many things more important than the fire. But where do you find a fire pit that fits your style? Not every fire pit is created equal. The truth is, most of them suck. They’re cheaply made, they’re ugly and they don’t get the job done. That’s why I built Swell Designs Highland Campfire Fire Pits.

25/29.ACNH Able Sisters Cottagecore

ACNH Able Sisters Cottagecore

Want to get a look into your island? Want to make it so I can run through it and see where I’m going? Your ideas are neat! We should start by adding custom floor designs, such as the logs and flowers in your picture. We could also make it dirtier with some dirt paths, and add lots of wooden fencing for that forest feel! And don’t forget about the evergreen trees for that forest feel!

26/29.ACNH Yellow Flower Road

ACNH Yellow Flower Road

How perfect is this area? This gorgeous idea will make your cottage look so cute. You’ll need to get custom designs for the floorboards, and then add a bridge with stone paved walkway leading up to it. Add some fruit trees, evergreen trees mixed in, and also wooden fencing scattered around!

27/29.ACNH Cottagecore Forest Bridge

ACNH Cottagecore Forest Bridge

Would you like to take a break and enjoy an easy snack in the forest? This place has it all: cozy places, ovens and coffee machines with everything else needed for anyone stopping by. It’s simple too! Here’s how to do it: find some woods on your island or along trail paths. Build a fire near some trees, nestle away items such as sinks & cutting boards nearby them too so visitors know where food is located (& maybe even build a signpost)!

28/29.ACNH Forest Diner

ACNH Forest Diner

In order to enjoy a light snack in the middle of a hike, clear an area on your island for visitors to sit and eat, complete with tables and chairs. Plant coffee trees all around, and build a fire oven for cooking!

29/29.ACNH Rocky Path

ACNH Rocky Path

This is the perfect idea for those of you who have a small space on your island, and just not sure what to do with it. You will need custom stepping stones (with design), rocks in between them, cedar and hardwood trees scattered around – including flowering shrubs which are planted-and also some wooden signs pointing towards your main path that leads into this area. In addition, decorative jail bars can be used to decorate this woodland hike as well!.

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