30 Best ACNH Forestcore Design Ideas

There are four distinctive biomes (that’s what they’re called, right?) in New Horizons. One is a village-type place, pretty plain and straightforward, but still really cool. The other three are forests of varying kinds — each with its own sort of vibe. Which one will you choose?

Welcome to the next generation of Minecraft builds! If you’re looking for an immersive experience that’s all about the beauty of nature, and want to take the plunge into building with ACNH ( Aesthetic Core Naturalism Hybrid ), look no further than these builds.

1/30. ACNH Museum Forest

ACNH Museum Forest
Image Source by @valkyrie.acnh

While most museums are boring, this museum in São Paulo, Brazil has been turning heads. Located on an island in the middle of a lagoon, the Museum of Art is shaped like a rock formation. The building doesn’t have much interior space, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for with creativity: outside spaces are shaped like boulders, and even feature real rocks on display

2/30. ACNH Cool Forest

The best landscape design is the one that doesn’t call attention to itself. A well-maintained garden has a life of its own, and this scrubland proves it. Shrubs and flower cover the land in natural colours and patterns, while only subtle lighting gives it some pizzazz. It’s perfect for when you need a little peace and quiet.

3/30. ACNH Clearing Yard Forest

ACNH Clearing Yard Forest
Image Source by @faesprout

The best place to build a home is by the sea — nothing compares to the salty, warm breeze of a coastal breeze on your face while you craft, or fish, or otherwise live the life of a coastal dweller. With this idea, your sims can do just that — and with a lovely home nestled in the woods, your sims will have an excellent view of the sea from their living room window.

4/30. ACNH Spa Forest

ACNH Spa Forest
Image Source by jxnnybxii88

Hot springs. Just hot springs. The thing on your mind all day, every day. Hot springs. Isn’t it great that you can have hot springs, even if you don’t live on an island? You can! And this is how to do it — this is the ultimate guide on how to set up your hot spring room in the least amount of time and effort possible with the most results!

5/30. ACNH Entrance of Forest

ACNH Entrance of Forest
Image Source by @haslemere_acnh

When you’ve finally made it to the top, there’s no point in skimping on details. Making the entrance to your player’s island welcoming and memorable is a surefire way to make them feel at home. This will also help you stand out among the rest of the islands in your town, increasing its overall value.

6/30. ACNH Tea Party Woodland

ACNH Tea Party Woodland
Image Source by @goldenmirmy

This beautiful build is the perfect spot to relax, talk, and enjoy a cup of tea with your friends. You can also read a book and watch the butterflies flutter around. If you’re looking for an island that exudes serenity, this one’s for you!

7/30. ACNH Forest Path Busy

ACNH Forest Path Busy
Image Source by @acnhsilverbay

This build is a veritable Pinterest board brought to life by the incomparable Kokoro. Her attention to detail — and her love of flowers — is legendary, but this build just smashes it out of the park. Who knew that all these disparate elements would actually come together so well?

8/30. ACNH Woods Nighttime

ACNH Woods Nighttime
Image Source by @lilfuzzybrain

The woods in the dark are a scary place! Never admit that you’ve been there. I mean, if it were just trees and flowers, that could get a little boring. With this whimsical sack of money feature and detailed wishing well, it’s anything but boring!

9/30. ACNH Garden Forest Rock

ACNH Garden Forest Rock
ACNH Garden Forest Rock

Here’s another build from Jegladder, featuring a lovely little forest garden. In the spirit of my last article, this build features lots of lovely little saplings growing all over the place — but this time, in a forest! And, as always, the build is so pretty I had to say goodbye twice.

10/30. ACNH House Peaceful Woods

ACNH House Peaceful Woods
Image Source by @crossing.lorien

If you’re looking for a tree-filled plot of land in a picturesque corner of your favorite fantasy realm, look no further than your Minecraft world. This terraforming project uses a suspended bridge and a telescope to embrace the natural beauty of your surroundings, bringing you peace while staying close to nature. Your house is the perfect place to reflect on the wonders of the forest, without leaving your living room.

11/30. ACNH Flea Market Forest

ACNH Flea Market Forest
Image Source by @wallfloristgirl

We know what you’re thinking – why should I travel 5 miles out of town to get something handmade, when there are hundreds of other arts and crafts shops in the city? Well, for starters, this inspired little market is hidden away in the woods – nicely tucked away from other markets and distractions. You’d also be supporting local artisans – we’re not talking about mass-produced tourist tat here.

12/30. ACNH Spot Log Lounging

ACNH Spot Log Lounging
Image Source by @ephhemere.acnh

It’s a hot summer day, and you’re on the beach — but there’s no need to sacrifice your forestcore vibe. You can have the best of both worlds with these stylish log loungers, perfect for lounging in the sun and perhaps enjoying a beverage or two. Your villagers will applaud you for it, guaranteed.

13/30. ACNH Pond Forest Koi

ACNH Pond Forest Koi
Image Source by @chrissyychuus.crossing

Japanese forestcore is amazing — but it’s getting a little crowded. If you’re looking for that extra ‘wow factor’ to really capture the aesthetic of your garden, or want to create a custom water feature that stands out, then this project is ideal. In this guide, we’ll show you how you can use some basic stone pond techniques to achieve beautiful effects.

14/30. ACNH Rainy Pool Forest Rock

ACNH Rainy Pool Forest Rock
Image Source by @games_with_liz

The static forest looks beautiful when it rains, and this player took advantage of that. Using the river tool, they built a stream around a rock pond. The pine trees and hyacinths add to the beauty of this forest, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful, quiet moment.

15/30. ACNH Forest Pastel Campsite

ACNH Forest Pastel Campsite
Image Source by @herbcrossing

Even if you’re not lucky enough to have a hot spring in your house or island, you can still enjoy outdoor bathing in the spring season! All it takes is a wood bath, a tea kettle, and some plants. The sound and smell of rushing water will help you relax during any hot day!

16/30. ACNH Campsite Forest

ACNH Campsite Forest
Image Source by @claudia_horizons

Did you know that a mushroom canopy can change your life? It sounds like it’s straight out of a fairy tale, but in fact many scientific studies show that the more time you spend in nature, the more it soothes your mind and reduces stress. New Horizons’ Mushroom Canopy is designed for those who have felt this elusive state of Zen and know how to enjoy it.

17/30. ACNH Cave Snowy

ACNH Cave Snowy
Image Source by @acnhsilverbay

This adorable bear cave is a one-of-a-kind product that you won’t find anywhere else. The detail here is fantastic – the bear looks exactly like he’s sleeping, and even has an apple in case he wakes up hungry! Perfect for anyone who loves a cute touch on their Minecraft builds, or for those who just want to add a little bit more flare to their houses.

18/30. ACNH Daisy Way Spring

ACNH Daisy Way Spring
Image Source by @sagecosmos

If you’re looking to add some spring cheer to your home, it’s easy with these adorable woodland-themed builds. The addition of the mushroom tables and the pink umbrella lend a bit of a whimsical, fairy-tale vibe that’s sure to bring out the best parts of spring — like the sweet scent of peaches and daisies, as well as a place for outdoor tea.

19/30. ACNH Picnic Spot Forestcore

ACNH Picnic Spot Forestcore
Image Source by @animalcrosserjenni

Whether you’re taking a trip to the park, or staying home for a romantic private dinner, this rustic picnic set will bring your date to life. Two wine glasses (available in two colors), napkins and even a basket are all included, so you can bring the fun of your favorite local bistro home.

20/30. ACNH Forest Sleepy Magic

ACNH Forest Sleepy Magic
Image Source by @popsie_land

Night time in Neopia is beautiful, illuminated by glowing mushrooms that dance from tree to tree. But as enchanting as this scene is, there’s something missing. No lamps lining the streets. No lanterns lighting the way through a dark alley. Where are our nighttime lighthouses? The time has come for Neopia to shine at night like it does during the day.

21/30. ACNH Writing Spot Forest

ACNH Writing Spot Forest
Image Source by @mabelsapron

Forestcore is a unique space that will help you get work done. The cafe contains a living room, library and even a fireplace. The perfect spot to kick back and write the next bestseller. The ambiance is one of old-fashioned romance, with lace and books and beautiful furniture. A perfect place to be inspired, or even to meet friends for coffee.

22/30. ACNH small Forest Farm

ACNH small Forest Farm
Image Source by @dragoste.acnh

In Animal Crossing, there are hardly any edible plants growing in the wild. (Except apples and pumpkins.) This build includes a water pump and burlap sack to bring an element of realism to your town. Enjoy it with a cup of coffee by the fire!

23/30. ACNH Cookery Campsite

ACNH Cookery Campsite
Image Source by @acnhxdiary

Camping is great, and everyone loves to eat s’mores. But not everyone lives for the great outdoors, or can stand the heat of a blazing fire. For those of us that have a little more delicate constitutions, camping is a little bit dangerous – but this cooking pit allows you to prepare food without leaving the comfort of your tent!

Campfire cooking is the new way to cook without sacrificing portability, convenience, and taste. Home cooks who love camping and hiking can now make all their best dishes at once, from chicken roasts to pizza and even sushi! And best of all, you don’t have to worry about your campfire getting extinguished.

24/30. ACNH Other Picnic Spot

ACNH Other Picnic Spot
Image Source by @eupohny

When you think of nature and the great outdoors, the last thing you probably think of is Pinterest boards. But that’s actually where you’re wrong, because it turns out that Pinterest is a great place to find some woodland inspiration for outdoor decorating or just to figure out what the hell you’re going to do with your beloved’s engagement ring.

25/30. ACNH Woodland Happy Path

ACNH Woodland Happy Path
Image Source by @crossing.lorien

You are walking down a path flanked by beautiful, colourful flowers. I’m not sure if it’s the height of summer or the depth of winter in this build — all I know is that I’m totally jealous of whoever lives here. The landscaping really tops it off and makes you feel like you’re living in a picture-perfect postcard.

26/30. ACNH Forest Cheerful Museum

ACNH Forest Cheerful Museum
Image Source by @annastasia.crossing

Sometimes, you have to work with the space you’re given, and that includes old buildings that won’t budge. That’s what happened recently, when the beautiful building was erected as an island museum. Of course, it stands out like a sore thumb — but this is where plan B comes in. By creating natural displays with rocks and plants surrounding the museum, you can make the divide look more natural and less like an eyesore.

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27/30. ACNH Chicken Coop Forest

ACNH Chicken Coop Forest
Image Source by @toastie.crossing

When you think farm animals, you probably don’t think of Easter eggs. Unless you think of your local Zoo or Animal Crossing , that is! This Animal Crossing inspired Easter egg hunt looks like so much fun and has really got me kicking myself for never trying it before! I love the use of duck figures — they’re both cute and a bit creepy.

28/30. ACNH Forestcore Fancy

ACNH Forestcore Fancy
Image Source by @Crossing_Lorien

More buildings than you can shake a stick at, more roads than you can lose a rat in. A lot of people want to build the town of their dreams in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and the game’s village building mechanics make it possible for pretty much everyone to do that. It’s a peaceful game about collecting resources and decorating things, after all.

29/30. ACNH Snackies Secret

ACNH Snackies Secret
Image Source by @cricket.isle

The Forest Nook is a new spot on the map, and it’s run by a teeny-tiny little family. The parents do all the baking, so you won’t find any meat at this bakery — just whole grains and veggies. For snacking, you’ll also find an array of coffee and tea flavors, fresh fruits, and vegan-friendly pastries full of seasonal produce. It’s super casual, which means no reservations necessary.

30/30. ACNH Forest Cottage Grandma

ACNH Forest Cottage Grandma
Image Source by @agaterose.crossing

Grandma’s House is a delightful cottage that has been carefully crafted to incorporate the classic aesthetic of an olden-day forest cottage in a modern day world. The cottage hosts a fantastic combination of old and new, including a play on the classic forest cabin look with many homely features such as the bookshelf, outdoor clothing lines and the kitchen.

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