20 Best ACNH Junglecore Island Ideas

Animal Crossing: Elephant King is your personal jungle guide to Animal Crossing, and it’ll help you turn that boring island into a jungle paradise. You’ll find guides on everything from where to find the best trees and flowers to how to get your favourite animals to visit and stay at your new resort. If you want, you can even find out about life on an elephant colony and how you can start one!

1/20. ACNH Reserve Wildlife

ACNH Reserve Wildlife
Image Source by @mikewazowskyzhp

There’s a Jungle out there, and it’s up to you to defend it. If too many animals encounter your campsite, you’ll lose points. You’ll need to design your own unique Tropical Wildlife Conservation Area in order to get the best ratings and win the game. To do this, set up a small jungle of trees around your island campsite. Feed them some water and take care of them!

2/20. ACNH Shrine Hot Spring

ACNH Shrine Hot Spring
Image Source by @hyrulebotw_acnh

Have you ever wanted to feel like a true hero in your own home? Do you love Nintendo Game of the Year Winners? Then this is the tutorial for you! With just a few easy steps, you’ll be able to recreate the magnificence of Zelda’s Spring of Courage (a.k.a. The Great Deku Tree).

3/20. ACNH Bathhouse Bamboo

ACNH Bathhouse Bamboo
Image Source by @acnhsteph

For a warm and natural-looking bathroom, start by putting up botanical wallpaper and stone tile. Then place bamboo partitions (made from bamboo) in the corner where the shower enclosure (you’ll need to craft one from bamboo, of course) would typically go.

4/20. ACNH Secret Temple

ACNH Secret Temple
Image Source by @RubyRumKey

You may have heard of the Legends of the Hidden Temple TV game show that aired from 1993-1995. The first time I watched it, I was amazed by the imagination that had gone into designing the sets. I decided to recreate one for my son (7) and his friends (3), after devising a simplified version of the rules.

Start your hike by laying down some stone arches. You’ll encounter some treacherous jumps over small cliffs, surrounded by deadly spiky fencing. Once you’ve cleared the cliff, you’ll be able to grab the treasure — provided you can get the lucky cat to stay still long enough to place it on top of your treasure pile!

5/20. ACNH Rainforest Tropical Picnic

ACNH Rainforest Tropical Picnic
Image Source by Aisance

Tropical islands are a popular choice for players, but there’s also something to be said for the dark, woodsy look your home can have sometimes. Here’s an example of some small and colorful isles, which give the scene more character because of their interweaving waterfalls. On these islands you’ll want to plant palm trees, which will provide you with coconuts when you need them.

6/20. ACNH Custom Bridge Bamboo

ACNH Custom Bridge Bamboo
Image Source by @acnh.hylia

Look at how the friendly rewrite is much clearer and easier to read. It’s short, sweet and to the point — but most importantly, it describes what the reader is getting. Imagine if you had dozens of these bullet points on your Kickstarter campaign. They’d be super boring and hard to read. By using friendly rewrite, your content can sound excited and animated without needing to use superlatives and fluff all over it!

7/20. ACNH Rainforest Prehistoric

ACNH Rainforest Prehistoric
Image Source by @lena.honolulu

Dinosaurs are a staple in childhood. Even as I got older, I was still watching those Primal Packs on satellite TV. They did well enough for the NFL Network to pick them up, which is the first sign that you’ve got something on your hands. If you want to make this a reality but just don’t know how to start, here’s my advice: get yourself some experience as a Jurassic Park designer.

8/20. ACNH Jungle Villager Huts

ACNH Jungle Villager Huts
Image Source by @Bunnycrossing1

Turning your villagers’ huts into jungle-themed structures is a simple way to make the animals you’ve come to love everything they could possibly be. To do so, simply create a theme that incorporates their favourite animal’s natural habitat.

9/20. ACNH Bungalow Jungle

ACNH Bungalow Jungle
Image Source by @femur_crossing

In order to recreate the ambiance of a secluded jungle bungalow, one should first consider purchasing an appropriate wallpaper, flooring and a few statues. Bamboo screen wallpaper and jungle flooring will give the impression of being inside a hut placed on the jungle floor. You may wish to purchase a couple rock head statues and set them up on either side of the room.

10/20. ACNH Flamingo Paradise

ACNH Flamingo Paradise
Image Source by @mush_umbrella

Flamingos are an exotic addition to Animal Jam that you can use to make your island really stand out. They are a favorite of players because they add a splash of color and exotic flare to the game. All you need is their Habitat, and you’ll be good to go!

11/20. ACNH Rainforest Campsite

ACNH Rainforest Campsite
Image Source by @hazellcrossing

Camping is one of the best ways to spend a summer. Why not make it even better with a little interior design? For this, you’ll need five or six tents, some large plants and creative decorations that you can find on Etsy or in shops like Target. Next, invest in some comfy pillows, as well as an awesome table and chairs.

12/20. ACNH Treehouse Campsite

ACNH Treehouse Campsite
Image Source by @acnh_nooksisle

Creating a campsite in Animal Crossing is easier than you might think! It’s truly one of the most rewarding ways to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. You can make it as easy or as complicated as you’d like — but I personally prefer simple. To begin, create a level of elevation for your island that goes beyond the top of the waterfall. Build some custom wooden paths there, and make sure you put down a staircase leading up to that level.

13/20. ACNH Entryway Jungle Fountain

ACNH Entryway Jungle Fountain
Image Source by PewPewPop

This guide is going to show you how to create a more modern-looking garden with a jungle theme. It’s going to show you the best tips and tricks for doing this, so read on to find out what you can learn from it.

14/20. ACNH Garden Falls

ACNH Garden Falls
Image Source by @moonbrightisle

Waterfall landscaping is a great way to create a unique look for your yard. The easiest way to make a waterfall is to start by doing a little landscaping — that is, making some ponds with waterfalls of your choosing. Then, you can fill in the area with plants and trees that complement one another. The possibilities are endless!

15/20. ACNH Marketplace Rainforest

ACNH Marketplace Rainforest
Image Source by @tossakan.crossing

Jungle marketplace. Tropical jungle, green leaves, and the sound of birds chirping. The perfect place to live, if you’re into that sort of thing. Of course it’s not all rainbows and butterflies, you know? In order to set up a marketplace  jungle like this, you’ll want to first create the main dirt area for it on your island.

16/20. ACNH Drum Circle Indoor

ACNH Drum Circle Indoor
Image Source by @juz1992

You don’t need to be outside to enjoy the outdoors , especially if your walls are already covered in high-resolution jungle wallpaper. What a fun setup! I just love how they recreated the feeling of being in a jungle hut while still being inside. I am so inspired!

17/20. ACNH Jungle Canopy

ACNH Jungle Canopy
Image Source by qualitycontentt

You’ve always wanted to be that kid who can swing from tree to tree, haven’t you? You just haven’t gotten around to it yet! Well, there’s no time like the present — so grab a friend and start planting those trees! Symbols don’t have to be literal — they just need to remind you of your childhood dreams. That’s why you want a mixture of cedar trees, bamboo, hardwood and palm trees.

18/20. ACNH Ritual Circle Stone

ACNH Ritual Circle Stone
Image Source by @pios.acnh

The Stonehenge is not just an engineering marvel; it’s also a great piece of architectural landscaping. If you’re building any park, try replicating the real-life Stonehenge in your park with some clever landscaping. If you want to build something more than a pretty face, then try adding some custom stone paths to lead to the scene — it’s the real-life Stonehenge experience!

19/20. ACNH Island Jungle Campsite

ACNH Island Jungle Campsite
Image Source by thirtytwoounces

I have some bad news, and some good news. The bad news is that this piece of work was not made in Minecraft by the person who claims it to be so. (Minecraft does not offer such a water feature, nor did it ever.) The good news is that you can use this piece of falsehood as an example of how to write a critique without directly insulting your subject matter.

20/20. ACNH Tropical Beach

ACNH Tropical Beach
Image Source by @ac.pandora

While beaches are always an interesting selling point for any tropical ACNH island Ideas, especially if it’s sunny all the time, you’ve got to be sure to include some basic amenities. A small pool and a few palm trees will make your property look full and inviting, but it’ll never sell if there’s no where for your visitors to enjoy a nice long rest under a shady canopy of leaves.

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