20 Best ACNH Autumn & Fall Island Ideas

Autumn heralds vibrant colors and the time of year when new types of bugs will be cropping up. This is also the time when we get to play a new Animal Crossing game, which is already out in some parts of the world.

The autumn season is the time to get ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving. ACNH Halloween brings us so much joy and inspiration, but many people aren’t sure how to decorate for it in a way that’s fun, fresh and tasteful.

1/20. ACNH Forest Whimsical Autumn

ACNH Forest Whimsical Autumn
Image Source by rapunzel316

Whether you love autumn, or whether you love cute things, this adorable rendition of Little Red Riding Hood is sure to delight! Instead of a traditional diorama, this design uses Paths, MUSHROOM PARASOLS, LEAF PILE and STOOLS, and BOUNTY ARCH. It’s one of my favorites so far.

If you find yourself dreading your design, don’t feel like your ideas are being taken away or are limiting. You can be as creative as you want when creating a design. Try looking at any other design in the Design Portal for inspiration, or try searching for ‘The Path’ (Able’s best selling design). After that, it’s up to you! Be as creative and unique as possible. There are no rules; go crazy!

2/20. ACNH Art Studio Outdoor

ACNH Art Studio Outdoor
Image Source by @lunecrossings

To turn your outdoor area into an art studio, all you need is a little terraforming, some hedges, trees, and riverbends. But what’s the best way to get rid of those pesky villagers? Consider adding some friendly face to their creations—a custom design that hopefully won’t scare them away.

3/20. ACNH Campsite Glowy Autumn

ACNH Campsite Glowy Autumn
Image Source by brusheswithdarkness / @afterglow.horizons

Create an autumnal little campsite on your island just in time for fall, and your visitors will never want to leave! It’s incredibly easy to do — all you need is a few trees, rivers, flowers and a lamp. Try lighting the hyacinth lamp — it’s sure to give off a beautiful glow.

And of course, no campsite is complete without a number of excellent spots to kick back and relax. You can start with a classic log bench, which is a simple-to-make build that’s great for both public and private areas. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can add a log table as well!  it’s also an excellent way to show off your own DIY skills.

4/20. ACNH Witch Hut

ACNH Witch Hut
Image Source by FragilePunkKid

Are you an aspiring witch? Don’t think that means you can’t enjoy cute home decor. This hut created by Georgia-based artist Marilynn Tortorich is a tiny piece of architectural perfection. Buttered with details like cauldron and stitched up with the most adorable furniture and plants, it’s just what your magic heart needs.

5/20. ACNH Corn Maze

ACNH Corn Maze
Image Source by poppypier

Did you know that this idea is one of the most creative in its field? It’s true! But don’t take my word for it. In fact, take the word of all the people who think like me and made this their first choice. And I’ll also let you in on a little secret: your business doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to ‘creative’ ideas.

6/20. ACNH Autumn Yard Easy

ACNH Autumn Yard Easy
Image Source by Unknown

If the yard of this villager is any indication, fall is full of wonderful things. This space has tons of rustic appeal, and could be a great place to plant some pumpkins next season. A small stream is perfect for cooling feet in on hot days!

7/20. ACNH Cabin Cozy Fall

ACNH Cabin Cozy Fall
Image Source by ThreeHalfPints4Ever

Your villagers need to get away from it all every now and again. And a great way for them to do this is in a rustic cabin, preferably one that looks like the one featured above. This cabin has a log bed and bench, as well as some rocking chairs, so your villagers can really enjoy themselves in the great outdoors. To make the place look super-cozy, add the lamp in brown and some garland with stars.

8/20. ACNH Fallen Leaves

ACNH Fallen Leaves
Image Source by Vulpixy

When fall arrives, the trees start shedding their leaves. If you want to convert your island into a colorful wonderland, this simple decoration is all you need! Add these leaf and pinecone decorations to the ground and place them under evergreens for a stunning look.

You’ll notice that there’s not much difference between the two writing styles — but there’s actually greater value in the friendly rewrite than in the original (though the original is still nice!).

9/20. ACNH Set Up Turkey Day

ACNH Set Up Turkey Day
Image Source by Sully0714R / @nellcrossing

This Thanksgiving Dinner scene is the perfect example of how you can use paths to create fun designs. No matter what your design project is, using paths will only make it better!

Brick ovens, clay furnaces and rustic paths are all important to your Thanksgiving setup — it’s the only way you’ll get your villagers (and their favorite dishes) in on the action. But flowers are optional.

10/20. ACNH Table Pumpkin Carving

ACNH Table Pumpkin Carving
Image Source by brusheswithdarkness

If you’re ready to get down to business, the first thing you’ll need is a fall-themed custom design — which is just a fancy term for all the decorative parts. For this design, we recommend using wooden stools, light-colored table cloths and leaves made of paper. Once you have those things, it’s time to start carving!

11/20. ACNH Pathway Autumn

ACNH Pathway Autumn
Image Source by moonlitt_

Crafters and homeowners alike will surely love these plans, perfect for casual walks through town, or stylish walks through the woods. To create these yourself, just head over to the custom design portal and type in the creator code above. You’ll find these pretty fast!

12/20. ACNH Orchard Fall

ACNH Orchard Fall
Image Source by @opal_oakoasis

Take a stroll through the orchard on a crisp fall day, and you’ll be transported to some of the best moments of your childhood. It’s no longer just a quiet area for grown-ups to escape to; this is your kids’ new favorite place to play. Just plant some trees in an aesthetically pleasing manner that brings back fond memories, and you’re done!

13/20. ACNH Picnic Area

ACNH Picnic Area
Image Source by @marino_anuenue

Fall is the perfect time to go on a ACNH picnic Area, and lately the only thing that’s been keeping me sane are the memories of last summer, when I spent my free time laying in bed playing Animal Crossing. If you’re feeling the same, here’s a quick tip: If you want to recreate your favourite scenes from Animal Crossing, try editing them first with Super Mario Maker!

14/20. ACNH Hiking Trail

ACNH Hiking Trail
Image Source by @dalmatiacrossng

Hiking is an ideal way to spend a warm autumn afternoon — especially if you’re immersed in the crisp fresh air of a virtual paradise! To re-create this kind of experience, fill your space with a rustic brick walkway. Sprinkle in some seasonal trees, and throw around a few bushes and flowers.

15/20. ACNH Farmer Market

ACNH Farmer Market
Image Source by @virtualboo_

It’s officially autumn, which means that it’s time for my last seasonal guide before the year draws to a close. In fact, I’ve already done up a cute little design for you featuring all the essentials! Get started by surrounding any space with flowers and grabbing yourself a warm blanket. If you’re feeling creative, get some furniture and decorate, too!

16/20. ACNH Mushroom Farm

ACNH Mushroom Farm
Image Source by acorn-pouchette

Growing mushrooms can be a fun way to ensure you have fresh food for the late fall and winter season. Just make sure you’re mindful of the changing weather — if you’re growing indoors, make sure you have lots of ventilation options so it doesn’t get too stuffy in there. If you have a lot of space, a greenhouse is also an excellent option for making your mushrooms happy (and maybe even a little jealous).

The next thing you’ll need to do is place some dirt paths. So, we can grow our mushrooms on them. We can’t actually do that in real life, but we can pretend they are growing out of the ground.

17/20. ACNH Brewery Apple Cider

ACNH Brewery Apple Cider
Image Source by tzelli

The sweet smell of beer fills the air, and everyone’s favorite villager, Brewster, can’t stop to chat with all his visitors! How did this little brewery come to be? It all started with apple trees located within easy walking distance of a tasty set of dirt paths. Some coral fencing was needed to keep away the animals, as well as enough apples for all the villagers to enjoy.

18/20. ACNH Patch Pumpkin

ACNH Patch Pumpkin
Image Source by evgeniyaosipovs

You can easily make your own, personal pumpkin patch on your Animal Crossing Island! You’ll love to be able to use pumpkins in your everyday life and this one easy do-it-yourself project will have you covered. Just go out to the island and collect pumpkins, then plant them on the islands soil. Soon after, you can have your very own pumpkin patch at home or wherever you like!

19/20. ACNH Idea Autumn Scenery

ACNH Idea Autumn Scenery
Image Source by @crossing_lorien

The colors of the leaves are changing, mother nature is speaking to us. Start selling some new clothes and accessories now and get ahead of the game. Don’t be afraid to change things up a bit, and add some Autumn colors of your own, they just might boost your sales!

20/20. ACNH Garden Fall

ACNH Garden Fall
Image Source by emi_clare

Fall is the best time of year for growing your own veggies! The greenhouse will help keep those plants warm, and let you grow stuff all year-round. Plus, it’s a great way to get outdoors during chilly fall evenings. So grab some seeds, some dirt, and start planting your garden today!

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